Stealing Isn’t Cool

Are you on this list?

Rambling Kori

I originally posted this at around midnight and I was distraught with my anxiety went way up so I took it down. As I stated in the previous posts, someone as anon on tumblr (Who Frani believes maybe the culprit) sent me a link to a blog post that was word for word a post that I had posted almost 2 years ago. Thanks to the help of Coolbeans (who truly is some coolbeans) I put the copyright claim up all over my blog, and I searched through their blog with a fine comb. I literally went through every blog post and googled little phrases here and there. I tried to contact everyone who the person stole from. One of the people that had their content stolen was S&S  (skinnyandsingle) and she is 10x braver than me because she went at this person with full force! Here is the link to…

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Things that annoy me

People are assholes.

HarsH ReaLiTy

When people ask to show you a “short video” on YouTube or Facebook and it ends up being thirty minutes long. I don’t have time for this shit! That’s a television show!

When people plagiarize from my blogger friends. Like this which was stolen from a blogger here

When you are out of the one thing you claim to serve. It says Pete’s Tacos and you don’t got no Tacos? Did they run away?

When people without kids tell me how exhausted they are. I get it and used to be the same way. Just know some Mom of three kids is muttering under their breath, “shut the fuck up I haven’t slept in ten years.”

-Opinionated Man



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Best 15+ Sites That Pay Cash For Taking Online Surveys

Great info from my friend Elena!!

Did you know you could make cash money from home taking online surveys? Here are the best 15+ sites that pays cash! Great side hustle!

Elena Peters

Who doesn’t want a side hustle to earn extra money online with minimum effort? This post will list 15+ sites that I use that will pay you cash for participating in online surveys. Taking paid surveys online is by far the easiest way to make money in your spare time, right from the comfort of your own home or while you are sitting in the doctor’s office waiting! This side hustle will not replace your day job but it can help you pay down debt faster, bring in extra money to make ends meet or finally get you to start a savings/emergency account. This post does contain affiliate links. See disclosure policy here.

First off, let me tell you that I was very weary of this whole concept in the beginning. If it wasn’t for a few bloggers that I admire sharing their experiences with taking online surveys, I…

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Seven Reasons I’m Sleeping With Your Husband

seven-reasons-im-sleeping-with-your-husband1. You forgot him. You’ve forgotten all the cute notes he used to leave you. You’ve forgotten the reasons you fell in love with him. You forgot him and I gave him a blowjob.

2. You stopped making him laugh. You didn’t tell him the silly thing that happened at the store, you don’t tell him about your goofy antics. You just stopped but I gave him a blowjob.

3. You didn’t ask about him. You didn’t ask about his silly antics, you didn’t engage in any conversation at all. You just didn’t ask but I gave him a blowjob.

4. You put your children first. You give them all your time, your affection and your love. You’re so busy with them that he has become secondary. Why isn’t HE first, how did you get these kids again? The guy just wants a blowjob.

5. You effin let yourself go. Really, change the stained shirt and track pants. Throw them away. Brush your hair and make an effort to look as pretty as you were when he fell in love with you. I look fantastic while giving him a blowjob.

6. He bought you the pajamas as a joke, you weren’t meant to wear them night and day. Take them off and maybe wash them. Ok, really, just give the man a blowjob.

 7. You stopped ripping his clothes off. You stopped touching him. You stopped the blowjobs, I started them up again, he loves me.

Now that you all hate my guts. I’m not sleeping with your husband, are you?


Meet Some Bloggers

Some bloggers to check out!!!

HarsH ReaLiTy

I won’t get to everyone. Maybe I’ll do a second post at some point.

crazyloveparent –

I have written a lot about adoption this year and have begun mulling over the idea of writing a book. I have had the pleasure of making a ton of contacts due to my posts on adoption and I have to guess my connection with this blogger was because of some of those posts. I have enjoyed a number of posts on her blog and am amazed that she has adopted five siblings! What an awesome step for all of them! I wish her and her growing family the very best in 2017!

Alexis Rose –

Alexis has been a part of the book promotions I have done this year. I have been energized and excited by her own excitement as she has networked and spread her book title around. It has…

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Dear Women Who Don’t Want Children

Skinny and Single

Dear Women Who Don't Want Childrenf

Is there something wrong with you? Nope, you just don’t want children, holy shit, what? Someone who doesn’t want children? Well, clearly we must rake these women over the coals and make them feel like crap. Let me clear my schedule, I wasn’t penciled in to destroy anyone today.

Ok, I have some time now.

How dare you not want children? (How about for a thousand reasons that I won’t understand.)

This makes me laugh and want to strangle my mother, your mother and maybe an aunt or two.

Not everyone is set out to have children, if you don’t want them, please don’t have them. Don’t have children to please some dried up old bitch in your family.

Do your thing. It’s your life.

PS: Not everyone wants children, children are scary, children suck. Those that have children are crazy.

Dear Women Who Don't Want Children

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Your Kid Is A Piece Of Shit And It’s Your Fault

magical-1090663_1920News out of the North Pole suggests that Santa is writing letters to your children to apologize for running out of the “Hatchimal.” This comes as a great disappointment as I bought all the Hatchimals to teach your little brats a lesson.

I spoke to Santa, I told him that children were running rampant, becoming too demanding and in truth, becoming little pieces of shit. He agreed.

Santa agreed.

As I recall, the song goes “He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.”

What happened to that, anyway?

When did we start apologizing to children for disappointing them? It’s a toy. How many times did you miss out on the toy you wanted? Remember the bike you wanted? You didn’t get it, you became a better person. You didn’t throw a tantrum and expect a f*cking apology from Santa, did you?

Why are children in charge? What the hell happened here?

PS If Santa is writing letters of apology, maybe he can send one to the children who asked for a cure for their cancer. Maybe the ones who asked for their parents to come back from war. Maybe the ones who asked for the grandparents to not be sick anymore. Maybe the ones who wanted a simple box of friggin crayons. Maybe Santa could apologize to these guys first and your disappointed snowflakes can wait till next year.


The Enchantress – Laura McGowan

Oh you know me, just over here being different 🙂

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective


The Enchantress by Laura McGowan (Skinny and Single)

His heart burst when she touched his hand.

She was magic, that’s the only explanation. He remembered the sparkle in her eyes, the blush on her cheek as she kissed him goodnight.

The longing overwhelmed him when he drew her portrait in charcoal. Night after night he worked the piece, it would be perfect, it would be beautiful, it would be her.

He was just fifteen when this enchantress came to him. She overwhelmed him, she intoxicated him, she said hello.


The words that would forever change the life of a boy, now a man, a man who hungered for this beauty, her soul, her heart, her.

It was a meeting of the soul, a destiny that was beyond explanation.

The stories talk of love, of fairy tales, of soulmates.

They talk of first dates, first kisses, first dances.

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Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children

1. I’m an idiot
2. I don’t like poking holes in my children
3. Needles are scary
4. I like when my kids get sick and almost die
5. I like wheelchairs
6. It’s funny watching my children suffer
7. I like getting other people really sick
8. I want everyone to get sick and die
9. I don’t give a shit about you or your children

Yep, all true. All of this is true. Well, except I DID vaccinate my children, look at them walking around all alive and shit, it’s awesome.

PS if you don’t vaccinate your children I’d like to know why.

Edited to add: I do not mean vaccines for chicken pox, HPV or the flu. These are voluntary and you should use caution before making those decisions.


Wow, You’re So Fat

wow-youre-so-fat“Wow, you’re so fat.”

These words stopped me in my tracks and I just stared with disbelief at the person who said them.

You’re a f*cking bitch, I said, as it took everything I had not to jump the fence and smash her face in.

I stood there numb as the words to a new blog post about body shaming started writing itself in my head.

Here’s why, for twelve years I heard:

So, do you have to go throw up now?

A skinny thing like you can’t possibly finish that.

I’m worried you are anorexic.

So you just never gain weight? You must be ill with something.

In a few months, it went from how skinny I was, to how fat I was.

I guess the whole point of this blog post is maybe it’s time people shut the hell up. You don’t know why I was so thin, you don’t know why I’m so fat. I don’t know why you’re an ugly, hateful bitch but I didn’t bring that up, did I?

PS, my ass has never looked better.