Ya, You Have Ham In Your Beard


The other day, I started writing a post to share this ham story. This is actually not my ham story, my ham stories are super boring. Guess what? I ate ham. Fascinating right? No. Just no.

I decided to look into the origin of the ham story. I didn’t want to just go ahead taking credit for the brilliance of this ham story.

Can of worms – opened. I found the ham story on Snopes.


So a woman always cut the edges off a ham steak before frying. She did this because her mother did this. Her mother did this because her mother did this.

Turned out the grandma only did it because the pan was small…..

It’s possible I oversold the ham story. Do click the link to read the original, it’s pretty interesting.

A lot of fucking pigs were injured for this blog post.


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  2. I like what the Italians in the Parma region do with ham other than that I like Bacon, some of the loin and the shoulder rules for carnitas. Riding in the back of pickups not wearing seatbelts running the neighborhood as a 5-year-old without supervision I’m alive to tell

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