Men Buying Tampons

people-2604432_1920Look at em all, they’re everywhere. Men with confused looks upon their faces.

Here are four reasons you should never send a man to buy tampons:

1. It probably makes him uncomfortable. Well, unless he’s my kid, then he will juggle them in the store.

2. He doesn’t care about your stupid, bleeding vagina. Your vagina, your problem.

3. He will get you exactly what you said, even though the identical product by another brand is two dollars cheaper. You would have bought the sale item if you weren’t busy bleeding half to death.

4. You just let him out of the house. You crazy? God knows what will happen with a **gasp man on the loose.

On behalf of all men everywhere….buy your own tampons. The thought of a man on the loose, goodness….

Men Buying Tampons



41 thoughts on “Men Buying Tampons

  1. ha ha! turn him loose without any adult supervision and see what you get.

    “Tampons?? I found this fiberglas bass boat instead. And it comes with this really big Mercury motor and a really cool trailer. What else am I gonna do right now? I may as well go fishing.”

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  2. Ah, the blessings of the single life (as a man). Lets see, If I was given that task, do I still own a ski mask? Do they sell tampons at the hardware store? Oh, well, I’m probably safe at my age. Any woman I’m likely to get so involved with will probably be post-menopausal.

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  3. Thanks for the laugh!
    I would never send my husband, for all kinds of reasons, one of them being, he wouldn’t get what I’d asked for…no doubt, he’d grab the first thing that resembled them just to get out of there, and God knows what that would be…

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  4. I’m the type of guy if asked, would buy them with no shame. I’d ind it entertaining – fully self-aware while doing so of how entertaining it would be. Even more funny is that people in the store would know it’s not for me, laugh at me, then laugh with me, and ow I love being the guy who makes awkward encounters even more awkward.

    I love this post.

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  5. In the UK. It works like this:
    Middle aged men with uncomplicated expressions buying sanitary products (well that’s the sign in the shops, not my idea), get looks of restrained approval from sales assistants. NO problem, a rite of passage. One day your lady will need you to ‘do the deed’, just follow the written instructions she’s given you.
    Buying condoms….Sweat, panic, why are all the assistants suddenly girls who look only old enough to be your teenage daughter.?????? Exit shop. Resolve to buy said product with a whole big pile of other shopping at the supermarket.

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  6. I’d genuinely surprised that some of the men in your comments are embarrassed about buying tampons. I mean it’s no big deal! half the population bleeds each month!

    Buying condoms is way more cringe-inducing.

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  7. Haha…However, I think such things can be taken lightly. Everyone knows about it, rather all men must know about it. It’s just a regular body function consequence. Doesn’t one go to buy medicines for his/her partner when she/he is sick. Don’t we check the details of the medicine and verify at the pharmacy? We might not know about that medicine earlier but we learn about it. Moreover, seldom do women ask their husbands to buy tampons for them. It’s just fine. Only if we change, we can change others.

    Now, just another thing. Hi! “Skinny and Single”. I don’t think you know that you are my first follower. Thanks for following my blog. Now it has 500+ followers. Thanks for supporting me when I needed it the most.❤ Best Wishes.😊

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