Your Blog Income Report Is Bullsh*t


Frankly, I’m sick of reading them.

Here is a quick synopsis of what I see when you post your blog income reports.

Your bullshit income:

Siteground: Siteground is incredible because I can sucker losers into signing up and I get referral credits (not actual money, just credits.)

Design services: I can help you design your blog and charge you out the ass. I’m calling this blogging income because I hope to convince you to purchase my plan.

Sponsored posts: I make money by pretending I’m wearing your adult diapers. This is actual blog income, but I lost my integrity by posting this nonsense.

Other various referral programs: I pretend I make money, but they don’t actually pay me until I’ve reached a threshold. I’ll never see money from these programs.

Your bullshit expenses:

Siteground: we prepaid for a year so it doesn’t count. It was essentially free.

Boardbooster/Tailwind: we prepaid for a year so it’s also free.

Other bullshit:

I didn’t include the fact that it takes me about 20 hours to write a post because I have to fill it with nonsense and affiliate links.

I didn’t include the fact that I spend on average 20 hours a week promoting each one.

I didn’t include the fact that I spend hours begging for sponsored posts.

I didn’t include the fact that I have to actually pay taxes on this income and therefore owe money.

I didn’t include any facts.

PS anyone who encourages someone to quit their job and blog full time has no integrity whatsoever.

Your Blog Income Report Is Bullsht



116 thoughts on “Your Blog Income Report Is Bullsh*t

  1. Nothing more annoying than a blog filled with sponsored posts and advertising and pop ups. And I’m gonna be real …. I don’t have the time or the care to spend half my week playing around on social media promoting my posts. I’ve got a toddler and a newborn to deal with….aint nobody got time for that! Or for personal hygiene or sleep for that matter…😥😪😴

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  2. I’m not gonna knock anyone for making money, I do it myself but income reports are just wrong. I never ever tell how much money I make or exactly how. Thats like rule number one the way I learned it coming up

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  3. I love the blunt, no BS tone of the article. To make money from a blast blog, you have to have lots of traffic which not everyone can generate. However, you can think about blogging as a platform for other income opportunities. For example, I know someone who did a travel blog on Jamaica for about 4 years before a magazine hired her to do reviews of hotels.

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  4. Thank you! Exactly my feelings! I don´t have anything against those who write sponsored posts and make money writing/blogging (they have to at least spend some time to think up the story etc.), but sharing some affiliate links and calling it “blogging” – total buls**t

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  5. I’ve been blogging since 1999 and blogging blogging (or what blogging has turned into) since 2009. I’ve been offered 2 sponsored posts. One for a company called Minted which I actually LOVE and still use their services today and another who I don’t remember. I was offered one by Grammerly when they started up and declined it, dummy me.

    But blogging and earning money is nowhere near easy. It’s one of those you have to love what you do more than you love the money things and while it’s a nice idea to get paid for what you love doing and while I don’t mind people who do sponsored posts cause who am I to knock someone’s hustle I don’t really buy into any of the products unless it’s a cooking/baking blog cause I mean, why would they lie if their entire blog is based on cooking anyway?

    I think earning revenue from YouTube is a little more realistic than it is with blogging. But for some reason bloggers don’t think YouTube actually pays you for like not sponsoring things out the ass.

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  6. Blogging seems to have turned into a giant ponzi scheme. I don’t refer to the things I write as posts; I call them what they are: articles. It is my website, not my blog. Terrible when you begin to disassociate yourself. I cannot believe how many people blog about blogging. metablogs? lol

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  7. And don’t even get me started on “I’ll like yours if you like mine.” or “I was just nominated for [insert fake award here]. Yell me me me and I will nominate you too.”

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  8. How can you say that? People are making $30,000 to $50,000 working 20 hour per week. I am being fully sarcastic of course. I am a bit tired of the total lack of transparency on some of these. People work as a freelancer but they include it as part of blogging income. That does not necessarily has anything to do with blogging. To me, income reports are an excellent marketing tool. Some people’s income reports are their more visited posts and often go viral on Pinterest. Then, some bloggers keep building on that and move to blog about blogging.

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  9. Several years ago, I signed up for Google AdWords. They threw some ads on the side of my blog and all I was supposed to do was wait for the money to come in. I really didn’t expect much, but who doesn’t like free money.

    However, a few months into it, after about $40 had built up into the account, Google tells me they are suspending my account for violating their rules.


    All I did was have your ads on my page. I did nothing else but check the stats now and then to see how much had accumulated. I’ve since learned that this is identical to most people’s experience with AdWords. It’s some sort of Google scam. They get a few months of collecting advertising revenue, but never pay the people who helped them get it. I don’t know.

    Other than that, I get the occasional request to do a book review on my blog. If it’s in a genre I like I agree, but all I get from it is a free pre-release copy of the book.

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    • Dude, back in the early 00’s when we used to extract thousands a month with adwords with select keywords was a reality…It was shut down in 1 day. My final pay was 6K for a september with a new algorithim just introduced, next month.. $0. Byee.., move on to the next thing. Blogging isn’t it. If you’re in it for money, don’t blog. If you’re passionate, blog away…

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  10. I have to say that there is money in blogging for me. I am a writer and photographer. I do not take any sponsored posts and I do not make any money from affiliate networks. I don’t sell any courses and I don’t have anything like Adsense on my website. So the question how do I make income from my blog. During the last year, I have received two invitations to travel because of my blog. The first a trip to China with everything paid as well as a nice cash payment to cover my costs not covered in the trip. I was sent to a private hospital in China for acupuncture and massage treatments. This was furnished by the tourism board there to bring more people for the same treatments to China. Value probably including airfare, hotels, tourist trips in China, visas medical probably worth over $5000. Would you consider that income, I do and the second was a trip to Israel along the same lines with a like value of around $5000 from their tourism board for a photography assignment. Would you consider that income, I do. My wife and I have been to over 68 countries in the last 48 months alone and have not spent a sent of our savings. All paid for by photography and our blog efforts. No, we don’t get rich from writing or taking photos but it pays enough for us at 67 and 68 years old to travel the world and live our dream.

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  11. I wholeheartedly agree with you about bloggers making money because of telling others how to blog. It is one of my bigger frustrations because it’s not actually helpful for the real world. I have been wanting to share my blog income reports on ACTUAL INCOME ACTUALLY BLOGGING after 7 years of very hard work, where the past 3 years, I have worked about 20 hours a week. It is not 6 figures a month, but it is quite decent (some months close to $10k, but averaging $7k). This is 90% from ads and affiliates (not blogging related tools or hosts, but actual affiliates like mattresses and food for the everyday person) and a small percentage from sponsored posts. I don’t have my own products to sell (well, not true, I created some printables and sell like $10 a month worth), but I don’t have a high priced course (telling bloggers how I do it) or anything like that. It is straight-up blogging for the real life! I wish we could see income reports on actually being a blogger, not telling bloggers how to blog and thus making money. It’s not really helpful for anyone without the truth of how you can actually do it.


  12. LMAO! UGH, I hate those income reports because they tell me 0! I have been blogging long enough to tell a complete fake. Thankfully I won’t stoop low, not even a slight crouch, and I would not be trading my dignity and integrity for anything.

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  13. Amen to that. Not really, AMEN!! Because I don’t know but lately I’m feeling like eveyone is doing so much money from their blogs, have the best views, visitors. To not talk about Instagram and the amazing life that they live!

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  14. One word – “love”! (And, thank you) That’s six words. Nine. Ten. Hell, I give up at keeping it short. Finally, the truth about monetizing a blog. I’ll just keep blogging because I love (hate) writing, and need to.

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  15. I died laughing reading this – so thank you for that. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and have never once considered publishing an income report. I look at these reports I see as all nothing but BS and lies that people are faking in order to get people to read their nonsense about how they can help other people build nonsense. Blogging for a full-time income is HARD. I did it from 2006 to 2015 when I sold my site and I had NO life whatsoever.

    These BS posts want to convince people that they can blog for a boat load of cash, too… (and in their PJs, no less)! It’s “easy!” and “you can do it, too!” No you can’t. It’s hard or everybody would be doing it.

    /rant over lol

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  16. I see the same thing…counting freelancing as blogging. I know they got these jobs because they have a link on their blog…but it’s not from blogging. I’ve been blogging blogging (as you say) since 2011…and this crap is HARD and I’m only now starting to see a regular $100/month income. And I’m a professional designer and coder, so it’s not like my blog sucks or anything.

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  17. I was looking at someone’s “blogger income” earlier, and I couldn’t agree with you more. They made $300 for 3 people signing up for Siteground *rolls eyes* it makes no sense to me. I think they’re bullshit too, and I loved this.

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  18. Thank you for this!! I have recently started blogging and the blog income just makes me bawl my eyes out sometimes.. The first month’s income was $1.26.. Blogging full time is definitely not going to buy me any food..

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