The Ghost In My Kitchen

ghosts-572038_1920So, I finally super cleaned my house! Not because of something I read on Pinterest, but because you sometimes have to do that.

The happiness was short lived, I woke something up. There I was, all giggling away, I walked into the kitchen and it felt like a cloak of death surrounded me. There was an immediate and uncontrollable sadness.

Iโ€™ve named the sadness Jeremy and hope that one day, I can help him find his way back under the dirt.

Anyone missing a moody kid named Jeremy? He wants to go home.

The number to call for teenaged ghost removal is 1-800-imw-eird

PS itโ€™s a coincidence that this happening around Halloween, right?

There is a ghost in my house



39 thoughts on “The Ghost In My Kitchen

  1. He may have not crossed over sweety ! He or they feel stuck ! Or maybe there for some other reason! You do need to smudge ! In the mean time, tell them to go to the light !

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  2. I have no idea as to what to advise you on this haunting. I worked in a restaurant where a tormented soul occasionally made itself known in back rooms during off-hours. Nothing anyone could pinpoint…just a general feeling with things out of place. But cleaning your kitchen is probably the lamest reason for a siting. Maybe it’s just your housekeeping practices fomenting the dust and filth leading to hallucinations that nothing but a good shroom party might fix.

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  3. If he’s moody, tell Jeremy cleaning up is a great way to experience and instant boost of happiness (maybe he’ll help you keep your kitchen spotless – you never know).

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  4. My cats will creak their heads and follow something I can’t see and it freaks me out a bit. I like to think it is the spirits of my dogs that passed away and not a sad Jeremy. I’d yell at Jeremy to back off and a clean kitchen is yours alone!

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  5. I had one a year ago! Even wrote about all the spooky occurrences from June ’16 until the time I wrote about it here:

    Since that writing, not a peep. I think he did it for the publicity, and was satiated once published.

    We called him “Sebastian.”

    Hopefully Jeremy follows the same pattern as Sebastian did, and moves on now that he’s famous. If not, clutter up a bit. He maybe just can’t find where you moved all his favorite stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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