Five Reasons Servers Aren’t People


For a lark, I submitted a guest post to The Bitchy Waiter, check it out!!


16 thoughts on “Five Reasons Servers Aren’t People

  1. Always makin me work for it, with the clicking and the guest clicking, the things I do for you. Yea, I can completely vouch for this, my mother was a waitress and she just loved getting actual nickels as tips, she would bring them home, roll them all out onto her bed, and her robot face would start leaking fluids. Good times!

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  2. Loved!! I used to be a waitress and my favorite thing when taking an order from a large table of 10-12 would be at the very end someone would say, “I’ll have what Gertrude is having.” I’d have to go back around asking each customer, “Are you Gertrude?” Finally I’d getting smart and say, “Gertrude, raise your hand please.”

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  3. Maybe that customer was an alien from another planet where it’s illegal to print on both sides of the menus. I’ve been flipping menus for decades to see what’s on the other side. In fact, I can’t remember eating out and seeing a one sided menu in my life.

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  4. In the end, they get their revenge. They wait for you to shovel some food in your mouth, then come up and ask you questions;
    “Is everything okay?”
    “Will you need anything else?”
    “Need a refill?”
    Then, they walk away without waiting for your response because, you know, it’s impolite to talk with your mouth full, and they have other customers who just filled their maws, too.

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