Does Your Breast Milk Come With Fries?

baby-428395_1920When is too old to breastfeed? It is an age-old question.

If your kid is getting an order of fries with his breast milk, he is too old for breastfeeding. (Psst, you have some ketchup on your tits.)

If he is old enough to talk about it at school, he is too old.

If his girlfriend asks him what he had for dinner, and his answer is his momma’s tit, HE IS TOO OLD.

PS you know what else is gross? Dry breastfeeding…. if you don’t have milk, keep your tits out of his mouth, grandma.

Does Your Breast Milk Come With Fries

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  1. This is hilarious, when I used to work at a daycare center I saw a mom breast feed her 4 year old. He was having a full blown conversation, then all the sudden she lifted up her shirt slightly, and the rest is history.

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  2. Preach on, sister!

    Look, I know it’s natural and this wonderful bond between mother and baby.

    But can we please stop doing it EVERYWHERE out in public?!?

    Send your hate mail to me….

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  3. omg! yes, even though its what we are supposed to do I agree it needs to be private like said above. I could never do it openly. I had a hard time doing it in front of my mom! hahaha. I stopped at a year old with my oldest and I had to pump for my second, and lemme tell you that shit stopped real quick. So she’s half breast milk half formula baby! Yep I gave my baby FORMULA!

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  4. A good few years ago my sister-in-law ‘plonked’ her youngest in my lap, gave me a bottle of her mummy milk and said “feed B. while I have a shower”, the point of my story is I wanted to drop a little on my hand and taste BUT through sheer will power alone I stopped myself, the temptation was near unbearable! However I didn’t ;( trouble is ever since that evening I’ve wondered what breast milk tastes of? (True story I once wrote a blog post but later deleted)

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  5. Personally breastfeeding in public has never worried me but some people in the UK seem to think nursing mothers should be prosecuted, and your post πŸ˜€ cheered me up tonight!

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  6. It’s recommend infants and children are breastfed as long as Mum and child want. Mind your business.
    As for those having a sook about breastfeeding in public, pull it together, why should this be hidden?

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  7. I’m surprised no one has referenced the scene in Game of Thrones. The crazy mother, the sister of one of the (now dead) main characters, had her boy sucking her while she sat overseeing a trial. The kid had to be 7 at the least. I’m thinking something along the lines of incest, which GRRM isn’t against writing into the storyline. lol

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  8. For realsies though, if I could breastfeed and burn 800 calories an hour doing it, I’d be breastfeeding my kid into my 90’s. “Come here, grammy’s gotta fit into her skinny jeans!”

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