Wrinkle Free Sheets

bed-1284666_1920I heard an ad today for wrinkle free sheets and damn, I am so excited. For the low price of 99.99, I can finally have sheets that won’t wrinkle as I roll around having menopause fueled nightmares. Isn’t this just everyone’s dream come true?

A frickin dream come true.

Having wrinkled sheets has always been a problem for me. Everyone else is all upset about politics, world hunger and child abuse.. and here I am all pissed that my sheets are wrinkled.

My frickin sheets are wrinkled!!! How have I lived this way all these years?

Really though, wrinkle free sheets are the dumbest things ever made. Who. Even. Cares?

No one has paid me or offered free product for this review. Shocking, right?


38 thoughts on “Wrinkle Free Sheets

  1. They only stay wrinkle free if you dont wash them. Lol
    Can anyone explain me this? Hubby’s side is flat as a board, completely smooth, where as my side is a bunched up wrinklepalooza. Every damn morning.
    Makes me wonder if he’s sold something to the devil. Lol

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  2. Ummmm, I need to find these for my boat. We’re pretty worried about the wrinkles in the sheets and the small leak into our bilges, not sure which is worse?

    We’re at livefree2sailfast.com if u know where to find tailored wrinkle free boat sheets

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  3. I’ve earned the wrinkles in my sheets dammit! Each wrinkle is but a reminder of the events that I hosted there, each tear stain, each other indiscernible stain..hang on.. what the fuck am I talking about, I need to go wash my sheets…

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  4. Wrinkle free sheets? What are they made of, recycled 70s polyester leisure suits? I can’t recall a time when I judged someone harshly for having wrinkled sheets. I’ve seen that happen, but that was in the Army at inspection time and involved hospital corners and everything pulled tight enough to bounce a quarter on.

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  5. If they would just go ahead and invent sheets that can cool me down when I get night sweats, well, THEN I would be on board. Or if they invented a sheets that made the bed for me, hell yes. Otherwise, I’ll save my money.

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  6. Bwahahaha! Good one! It’s not as if we wear them in public. 🙂 Oddly, I’ve known a few women who have ironed their sheets. That seems as useless as trying to sweep sand off a beach.

    I can see it now, an ad with Casper the Friendly Ghost touting how he is no longer embarrassed now that he wears wrinkled sheets.

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