New Bloggers Suck

keyboard-2308477_1920My pal suggested I start writing my rants on my blog rather than my Facebook page. Could be because she’s sick of reading my Facebook page, or secretly wants my blog to tank.

Joke is on her, my blog tanked in February. Thanks Pinterest, thanks for nothing.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of new bloggers signing up for WordPress and sharing their wisdom with the world. Good for them, I’m impressed.

Where is the wisdom?

Blogger called “Fuckit13” and their first blog post is called “Fuck”. I learned more from that blog post than any other I’ve read.

I learned that new bloggers suck.

I’m going to send her the sunshine award, she is a ray of fucking sunshine.

PS: do you have any new bloggers you’d like me to read? I’d love to find some worthy new bloggers.



54 thoughts on “New Bloggers Suck

  1. Haha Yeah I get someone that finds me likes about 10 posts in an amount of time that surely would prohibit actually reading them and follows me then when I check them out and have no interest they surprisingly vanish

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  2. I do feel for new bloggers, I mean they come to WP with hopes ideas and dreams and well blogging can be a lonely place, if I said my one tip to a new blogger is ‘Tweet’, would I be correct? (I don’t)

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  3. This is great! “Fuck” sounds like a post I would definitely read and applaud, afterwards. My blog is only about 5 months old so I guess I’m considered new? I think I babbled about in my first post. I basically walked into the blogging world with nothing but a laptop and said, “Hai guyz! I has a blog! Listen to me!” I’m still inexperienced I think. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this!

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  4. I usually condemn the f word, but I think in this case the use is appropriate to state your case. Oh, man. Having a one-word blog to “express” an opinion sucks. And what rhymes with suck…..?

    Keep reading, writing and ranting. Some of us enjoy a good rant.

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