Five Reasons Dogs Are Not People


So yesterday I spent a good five hours in a heated conversation (with lunatics) about how I must be an animal abuser for calling a dog a dog. Look, I called it a dog because it’s a dog, not for any other reason. Loving an animal as much as a human does not make it human. Dogs are not your children, yes, even though you can’t have children of your own, that doesn’t magically make animals human.

Dogs are not human. This is a fact.

Here are five actual reasons why dogs are not people.

1. Dogs eat their own shit. Do people do that? I have never seen a person sniffing around their backyard and eating shit. Never, I’ve never heard of it either. It does not happen.

2. Dogs clean themselves and their puppies with their tongues. When people give birth, do they lick down the baby? Here I am, all licking down the baby. No, just no.

3. Scruffy spends half his day licking its own balls. Do you do that?

4. I have never once stuffed my nose into my friend’s asshole. I’ve never stuffed my nose into a stranger’s asshole, in fact, I keep my nose out of assholes as a general rule.

5. When I take my dog on a plane, it goes into the cargo section. It’s not sitting with me on the plane, it’s not having a nice Chablis in first class, it is in a crate.

When people start eating shit and licking down their newborns, talk to me…. Until then, dogs will be dogs and people will be people. They are not the same.

PS don’t get me started on the word “Fur baby”. Just don’t.


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  1. You should write a book about everything that frustrates you and I promise I’ll be the first to buy a copy :’)

    The sniffing at butts! Whenever I see dogs do that, I am so grateful I am not a dog. I even said that once to my friend, who is a dog-breeder, and she burst out laughing. Never had she given it a moment’s thought. Just imagine that sniffing being the common way to great another human – not me!

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  2. THANK YOU!!!!! My friends just dropped 18 grand in vet bills to revive their 19 year old cat. “He’s not finishing his fucking memoir, let him go!” They aren’t human, stop projecting your huge fear of death onto them

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  3. Pet obsession is quite common. and believe me, there are people who give more regards to their dogs than to any human on earth. But dogs are dogs they can’t be human. Quite a good line up of reasons.

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  4. 😂😂 I feel though there would be people who would lick their balls if they could!! I love my pup. But agreed. She’s a pup.

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  5. HAHAHA! I am a dog lover and cradled mine in my arms like newborns because I am fucking crazy, but this assessment is hilarious. AND SO TRUE! Dog people are not normal, and I have no doubt that some of them out there have gotten down on all fours and nibbled some sun-dried shit so that Newman learns it’s. Very. Bad. 🙄 They have. I know it. So glad your brain has been brought to my attention. Loved all of this!

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  6. Well, there’s a saying: “A dog is a man’s best friend.” No human races around the house and screams with joy when you come home. Humans used to have children. Now they have dogs. In my book, there is no substitute for a child. But dogs are way-y-y cheaper to raise. You don’t have to pay for the bachelor’s degree. Maybe some people have dogs because they can still afford to take lots of vacations, have expensive cars, etc. “Five reasons dogs are not people” is both hilarious and true. Others’ posts are gems, too. [I do not have a dog.]

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  7. Skinny and single, I note you also have written: “Dear Women Who Don’t Want Children,” showing an open mind. Much truth in that one, too. So, if they have dogs instead of children, who am I to judge? Maybe that is better for society.

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  8. Loved this. Laughed so hard!! HAD to share it on my page.

    But on a serious note: it pisses me right off when people treat their dogs like children. Or pet stores were you drop $40 on some dumb outfit for your dog to wear . Are you kidding me!? People are frickin dying of starvation, aids, poverty, and you’d rather spend that $40 on a ballerina tutu for your shitzu than give it to a soup kitchen.

    Glad I got that off my chest. I know I Came off a little judgemental but…maybe I am. Dogs are dogs. I have one and I love him and give him a good life, but he is not on the same level as my kids.

    I think we should be kind to all creatures. Except mosquitoes. But there is such thing as crossing the line, and treating dogs like kids is that line.

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    • Wait. The dog didn’t ask for the tutu? Throw a tantrum? And you finally gave in to keep him from throwing himself on the floor and screaming? So much to learn.

      Great comment and I love and appreciate that you shared 🙂

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  10. Just gotta comment on this one:

    1. Chablis in 1st Class is probably more from the eighties,,,it’s Chardonnay now,,,,I think.
    2. Be careful,,,,some weird ones like nose in butt!
    3. Dogs are not people,,,,you’re so right-
    4. I do not spend half my day licking my balls,,,,can’t reach them- but I do scratch them occasionally.

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  11. Lol! Also, people don’t look for “just the right spot to pee.” I will look for a cleaner bathroom stall but, not because it smells like other pee!

    Oh and I like ve when dog owners act like it’s no big deal that their dog jumps all over you, like afternoon I just had a c-section or got a ton of dog hair all over my black clothes.

    All that said, I still think dogs are better than a lot of people…people in general that is..

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  12. OMG this is great! I love dogs but I treat them with respect and let them be a dog! There are so many badly behaved dogs now because they are so babied (literally) and spoiled. I live near a coffee shop where people tie up their “beloved baby” outside letting it bark for an hour. The dog is stressed in my books but that is probably because he has separation anxiety because he isn’t left alone for more than 30 mins a day. I actually cringe when I hear “come to mommy” or “daddy’s home!” These are not children and the dog owners are not parents. Have you ever really looked at a dogs face when they are wearing weird outfits? They are embarrassed. 😉


  13. First off, I’m lmfao. I’ve been doing that all morning, thanks to you. You have a gift!


    1. My dogs do not eat their own shit. They eat the cat’s shit. Luckily, your point remains intact. 😉

    2 and 4. There are precedents. No further comment there. 😜

    3. Reminds me of that old joke, “Why do dogs lick their balls?” *
    5. What if they let him on coach?


    6. Calling a dog not a human is probably a compliment to the dog. 😎

    Another great piece of work, Skinny! Bravo from a dog lover! 👏👏👏

    * “Because they can.” 🤣

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  14. Five hours and this is what you come up with? You didn’t win the argument, did you? Hence the (lunatics) name calling thing.
    1 While it may not happen at the same club where you are singing Linda Ronstadt just punch in the word scat in a search engine with liberal settings in your preferences to watch people eat shit. 2 Anyone without hands will use their mouth to do pretty much everything so are you saying handicapped people aren’t people? tsk tsk 3 Yeah we would if we could reach them. 4 Human brain function is primarily visually dependent where most animals are olfactory but again think Scent of a Woman.5 I bet the crate was not the dog’s choice any more than the back of the bus was Rosa Park’s choice. But yeah dog’s aren’t people. Animal abuser.

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  15. Could not agree more – although I do believe that it is ok to throw parties for your dog or occasionally put silly hats on our pooches – as long as we don’t expect dogs to have to follow HUMAN social expectations. Funnily enough I just recently wrote a blog post about this 🙂

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  16. Well apparently eating placenta is a big thing now… seriously though I feel the same way! I love my dogs; it does;t change the fact that they are my dogs. On the other hand, if I could make them dependents and write them off on my taxes, that would be pretty sweet.

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  17. Haha, great read! One example comes to mind…

    *Dog humps my leg* “Oh don’t mind him, it’s a sign of affection.”

    “Oh well in that case, Janice, bring me your leg!”

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  18. 🙂 so true. Could you write a post about cats? I love cats (as cats) but it annoys me so much that my neighbors cats are allowed (and often encouraged) to poop in my garden. If my babies (non-fur) pooped in their garden, they would be raging.

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  19. THANK YOU! I absolutely love my bunny but he is still just a bunny even if I hold him, take him on walks, and put him in a sweater. He’s still a bunny. I get so annoyed about people putting animals in the place of children. Did you know that anti animal abuse came way before anti children abuse? Talk about messed up!

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