Did My Baby Die Of SIDS Because It Hates Me?


“Gasp!!! You’re so insensitive.”

Maybe. Maybe I am.

No one knows why babies die of SIDS, this is as good a reason as any.

Mothers always blame themselves anyways. They throw themselves into a deep depression. Spend years wondering what they’ve done wrong. Hover over any other children with a terrified look on their faces.

Some mothers never get a full nights sleep again.

Their baby died of SIDS. One minute the baby is fine, the next minute he’s gone.

The next minute he’s gone.

The pain of that happening is unlike anything I could imagine. How do you deal with that? Here’s a way, deal with it by hating me. Deal with it by leaving comments on how wonderful your children were, how much they loved you and how good a mother you were.

Take your strength back by telling me I’m fucking crazy, I’m fucking horrible, and that you hate my stupid face.

Get your strength back by knowing there was NOTHING you could have done, no one you could have been that would have changed the outcome.

Most importantly, know that your baby loved you, he fucking loved you!!

Hate me, hate me for writing this horrendous blog post and find peace. You deserve to hate someone, it may as well be me.

PS It terrifies me that you may have googled that and found this post.

Did My Baby Die Of SIDS Because It Hates Me

24 thoughts on “Did My Baby Die Of SIDS Because It Hates Me?

  1. For a while I wondered what this post was about, but the message is strong. I hope you made someone feel a bit better after losing their child. So sad this happens 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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