Five Things I Learned This Week

Things I learned this week1. If you have an abortion, you are exactly the same as Hitler. Yep, killing one baby is exactly the same as 42 million. Yep, because one dollar and 42 million dollars are the same.

2. Pro-life people will threaten you with death just because you support abortion. Yep, so true, my support of a pregnant 14 year old wanting an abortion is cause for my murder. Totally. It’s entirely logical.

3. If you eat meat, you are also like Hitler. Chickens have the exact same value as people now, did you know that?

4. Vegans get really mad if you mix them up with vegetables.

5. It is now acceptable to compare law abiding citizens to Hitler. That is suddenly everyone’s go to insult, “you’re just like Hitler.” Am I? Am I really?

Yep, that’s me, just like Hitler….

BONUS: You know what else I learned this week? All massage studios are fronts for prostitution and human trafficking. All of em, no exceptions. Put away that massage table, hooker, you’re not fooling me.

Good times.

PS comparing people to Hitler is revolting. There is no living person that deserves such an insult.

Five Things I Learned This Week

69 thoughts on “Five Things I Learned This Week

  1. another thing that infuriates me about the anti-abortion people (i don’t say “pro-life”. We’re all in favor of life), is that they’re not out there screaming against the death penalty. Life is life, right? Why don’t they bomb death row? I can actually respect someone who says they’re against abortion because of their religion (or whatever reason) IF they also value the life of every human being. And don’t get me started about birth control. If you hate abortion so much, hand out condoms on street corners. And – if you love life so much, adopt some of those kids who are born to parents who aren’t able to care for them, but can’t get abortions. Hmmm, think I have strong opinions on this? You should hear me on capital punishment. Thank you for this important post. And by the way, I work for a company that sells steak, so I am definitely going to hell anyway.

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  2. Well I could come over to the US from the UK and tell ‘them’ I am a convert to the Catholic Faith who regrets abortion but feels compassion for the woman for being placed in that position by an over-commercialised; media frantic society bloated with shallow images and male-dominated expectations ….That’s when I explain I am also a very hard-line very-left wing socialist (who also listens to Tegan and Sara….and likes steak sandwiches….and thinks you need tighter gun control laws).
    Do you think that would help as a distraction for you guys? πŸ˜‰

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  3. People are so ignorant and uneducated. Sorry you had to deal with the stupidity of people who make light of who Hitler was by comparing everyone and everything to him. These are the people who don’t know a thing about history and that’s all they can come up with is to say “you’re Hitler!” It’s really pathetic and disgusting. You just keep doing you and let all the idiots be idiots.

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    • I’m always under the impression that when people call you that (I was once called that by a guy I had considered dating because I was a Demo) they expect you to back off and say “oh, geez… you’re right, I’m sorry… let me stop having my own opinion” *rolls eyes*

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  4. I like how when it comes to the topic of abortion everyone is suddenly an expert even though THEY DONT KNOW HOW MUCH OR WHAT GOES ON *DURING* AN ABORTION.

    I was forced to have one last year because my boyfriend at the time was a jerk. And yet I feel like if I share that story I’ll still get backlash for “allowing” a thing to happen. Hm, get an abortion or get abused. I wonder. I WONDER. People really need to get off their high horse and instead of being jerks try showing some understanding or compassion.

    Obviously this topic gets me very emotional T____T

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  5. “Pro-life people will threaten you with death just because you support abortion. Yep, so true, my support of a pregnant 14 year old wanting an abortion is cause for my murder. Totally. It’s entirely logical.” – Isn’t that a bit… Paradoxical? “You are anti-life so you must die!” Makes no sense to me.

    Someone I know is pregnant and there is something very wrong with her baby. They’ve seen that on the echo and did some extra tests and sadly it’s very very wrong. She now faces the choice: having the baby anyway or choosing abortion. To me, it’s inhuman. Not the abortion, but having to make that decision.

    I am afraid if I read your list, I am quite like you. Does that make me a Hitler, too?

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  6. First, I would never yell at you. Second, OMG! You had me laughing hard. I wandered into a picket line around a clinic once and got hammered by the rhetoric of the criminally insane protesting there. And the one thing I found that shut them up quickly was to say “so, I guess they aren’t serving a buffet here?” while correcting the signs and posters with a magic marker.

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      • Oh, I could never get an abortion, that’s true. But I also could never play professional rugby and that doesn’t stop me from watching and getting involved. I just have an overwhelming drive to cross picket lines and correct protest signs. Unfortunately, with the Trump for President campaign, the cost of magic markers that would have been needed far exceeded my savings. That’s probably how he got elected.

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  7. I think I just laughed myself to death. (Hitler died like that too right? I can’t recall). And abortions are vital to humanity. Take Hitler for instance. Perfect example of a bad decision NOT to have an abortion. His mother must’ve been all like “Shit. I shoulda gone with the wire hanger” but hey, we live and we learn amiright?!

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