Pinterest Wrecked My Life

pinterest-793051_1920Pinterest wrecked my life, it did, true story.

From the end of February until now, I’ve lost most (all) of my traffic.

Does anyone know what the hell happened?

PS: mason jar salads are disgusting and I can’t make anything out of an old skid.

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83 thoughts on “Pinterest Wrecked My Life

  1. I have no clue. Although, somehow, I got signed up for Pinterest via a click on something on Face Book and now get email from it (must fix that), I haven’t even looked at it. I know some people seem to swear by it rather than at it, but IDK why.

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  2. Do you think your Pinterest account is a higher hit on Google now or something? It’s odd that a social media site would affect your blog traffic so drastically. I’m so sorry, I wish I knew more about the site and could help! >_< That's so frustrating!

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  3. How do you like it? What’re doing? I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go on that other website and follow me. And I’ll message you there, myself included!


  4. Hmm, having “liked” the post, I thought I’d best comment to clarify I’m not “liking” the traffic loss, merely the sentiment behind it…just to be clear…although that’s what politicians say when they are about to spend twenty minutes on another planet to me! Can’t say I’ve ever got traffic via Pinterst…might be I use it wrong or even that it’s quite a new account πŸ€” Still, I do hope you resolve the issue shortly 😊

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  5. Have you added the new SEO stuff to make google see your site since they changed how they are doing the linking to searching? I know half of your traffic is me working to much and not spending my day read and reading your posts I will start using half of my work day to read them again but people keep asking me to do stuff that interrupts me ☹️

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  6. LOL – Does yelling at you mean I must put my comments in all caps? I’ve had a Pinterest account for over 2 years. I rarely visit as I gave up trying to figure out how to post things there. I know that many businesses (large and small) say that it is invaluable to them. It’s a mystery…

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  7. Sorry about your Pinterest Traffic, but you’re welcome to come check out mine, goes along with the blog, basically the same name-


    You’ll get your traffic back, cause you have a great thing going and lots of dedicated blog followers- hang in there-

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  8. Getting my business Pinterest account up and running is on my to-do list, but after reading this post, and seeing the comments, maybe I should keep waiting for a bit. Sorry to hear you’ve had a (TEMPORARY) dip in traffic.

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  9. Have to say I don’t get any traffic from Pinterest … But I do seem to lose hours at a time looking at pictures of French Bulldog puppies.

    Bit odd that your traffic just disappeared though!

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    • It’ll promote your blog amazingly, you’ll spend all your time there, you’ll neglect everything else in your life. Then suddenly, one day, it all changes. Then you spend hours trying to find out what went wrong, you change everything you’re doing there, you’ll devote even more time to attempt to get the traffic back you had last month.

      It is an effin time suck. Pinterest is the heroin of social media and you’ll never get the same high you once had.

      Save time, don’t even bother with Pinterest.

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