She’s The One Who Died

pregnant-422982_1920Don’t grieve for her lost child.

She’s the one who died.

Don’t tell her the pain is too much to bear.

She’s the one who died.

Don’t tell her there will be others.

She’s the one who died.

Don’t say it. she can’t hear.

Because she’s the one who died.


81 thoughts on “She’s The One Who Died

  1. I lost my daughter 30 years ago…It’s true she was lost but a large part of me died. While I’ve had a wonderful life, not a day passes when I don’t think about her. The emptiness never fills in.

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  2. this made me cry. i relate to this on the deepest level. my wife suffers from severe hyperemesis gravidarum and is unable to carry a child to full term. i am intimately aware of the significance such things bear upon the woman involved. it is something that is forever with you in a world wont to forget. not a day goes by in which the lost child is not grieved. my heart is with all women in all circumstances but in this regard most of all.

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  3. Beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. ❀
    I wish I had the balls to touch on things like this. It would probably be therapeutic for me. For now, I'll live through you. XO

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  4. When I read your poem, it reminded me of my miscarriage. First pregnancy and everything. I hated it when people told me “it was meant to be” or “your baby is in a better place.” Worst advice ever. A piece of me died when I miscarried.

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