The Enchantress – Laura McGowan

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The Enchantress by Laura McGowan (Skinny and Single)

His heart burst when she touched his hand.

She was magic, thatโ€™s the only explanation. He remembered the sparkle in her eyes, the blush on her cheek as she kissed him goodnight.

The longing overwhelmed him when he drew her portrait in charcoal. Night after night he worked the piece, it would be perfect, it would be beautiful, it would be her.

He was just fifteen when this enchantress came to him. She overwhelmed him, she intoxicated him, she said hello.


The words that would forever change the life of a boy, now a man, a man who hungered for this beauty, her soul, her heart, her.

It was a meeting of the soul, a destiny that was beyond explanation.

The stories talk of love, of fairy tales, of soulmates.

They talk of first dates, first kisses, first dances.

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  1. Wow Laura! I like your witty pieces but this was impressive. I could feel the longing for the Enchantress in your words. You made the intangible, tangible. It is fun to flex the literary muscles isn’t it?

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