Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children

1. I’m an idiot
2. I don’t like poking holes in my children
3. Needles are scary
4. I like when my kids get sick and almost die
5. I like wheelchairs
6. It’s funny watching my children suffer
7. I like getting other people really sick
8. I want everyone to get sick and die
9. I don’t give a shit about you or your children

Yep, all true. All of this is true. Well, except I DID vaccinate my children, look at them walking around all alive and shit, it’s awesome.

PS if you don’t vaccinate your children I’d like to know why.

Edited to add: I do not mean vaccines for chicken pox, HPV or the flu. These are voluntary and you should use caution before making those decisions.


122 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children

  1. I did vaccinate my kids, but I will say there is one vaccination that my youngest did not get and if anyone wants to disagree on my reasoning that is fine with me. I don’t think you can say the “1size fits all” thing. Individual cases sometimes make up the reasons why parents don’t vaccinate.
    The vaccination I am talking about is the Chickenpox one. How many of got the chickenpox when we were young and we lived through it. Yes we were itchy and miserable for a period of time, but we survived and weren’t worse for the wear! Well the chickenpox vaccination had recently come out when I had my oldest and my Dr encouraged me to get it. I thought hey if the Dr is encouraging it. Ok, why not, will save her from itching and being miserable. I can’t tell you the number of times I wish I could go back and reverse that decision!!
    Listed under rare side effects that were on a paper given to me by the nurse was “Within 72 hours spikes a high fever”. On the 3rd day after my daughter had the shot I put her down for a nap as a happy, healthy child. She woke up from nap burning up with temp of 104, she was 15 months old! She quickly dehydrated and was hospitalized for despite efforts we could not get fever down. High fever lasted for 7 days. It would come down some during that time but would spike right up again. I will not forget my daughter literally screaming and not wanting anyone to touch her. Her nerve endings were on fire. I forget what it is called, but it happens right before a big fever breaks and that is what happened . Fever broke, but damage was already done. A spot was on her heart causing tachycardia and she is slower developmentally. She was talking before the shot, but afterwards had to relearn all the words all over again.
    When time came for my youngest to get the vaccine I said No way!

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    • Oh my gosh!!! We didn’t have that one when my kids were young. Wow thank god we didn’t. Wow that’s absolutely crazy, I am so so sorry.

      I updated the post to say that I didn’t mean the chicken pox, flu or HPV vaccines. Jeepers. I had no idea.

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      • My kids did not get the chicken pox vaccine. I don’t even know if it was available back in the early 80’s. I do know they & my wife all came down with it and they all did fine. I had it as a child. As an adult I got shingles. You think there is no risk in not getting vaccinated? Try living with firey, puss-pimpled skin on your scalp and back and suffering flair-ups for what is now 10 years.

        I would never suggest the vaccine for infants but surely when your kids are starting school, you might want to give it another thought.

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    • It’s actually not about you and your child, it’s about the weak. And they are all around us. Babies, sick people. They can’t deal with chickenpox the way we healthy people can. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing fingers. I would like to shed light on the reason why all those vaccines are important.

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    • I am terribly sorry for your little one’s reaction. It can happen. That’s what “possible but rare” side effect mean. Same with aspirin or cough medicine… It can happen. Your baby was unlucky – possibly had a weak immune system or some other inner issue that caused such severe reaction. But that should not mean this vaccination is wrong or useless.
      My neighbor’s friend’s kids were not vaccinated, the kid got chickenpox. He went really bad through it and developed meningitis. For two years they were going from hospital to hospital to work on the horrible complications from both. If I remember correctly the kid is left with some serious health issues.
      So no, chickenpox is not a silly and easy childhood disease to be ignored – it might be pretty easy for many, for some could be even fatal.

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  2. Can I just LOVE this post? Lol I will have my own child here in March, and I’ve already told anyone who has unvaxxed kids that they won’t be allowed around her until she has her first set of shots at 8 weeks. Sorry, not sorry! I dont believe I had the chicken pox vaccine, but I got chicken pox at a young age and once you have them, you’re not likely to get them again, so it wasn’t a big deal. Now, my daughter won’t get the one that was being pushed for cervical cancer, bc I’ve heard more bad out of that one than good, but there are too many benefits to vaxxing your kids than not. And, for all the ones who won’t vax, it’s called HERD immunity. You let the majority of the herd go unmedicated, the herd will die out. And if the worst thing that can happen is my child develops autism, which is what most of these “Crunchy Moms” calm happens due to vaccines, well I’ll take an Autistic child over a dead one from any number of preventable diseases ANY DAY.

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  4. Before the discovery/invention of vaccines (and, antibiotics), a woman in most of history had to birth 4 or 5, maybe more children in order to get 2 to adulthood, with a high risk of dying in childbirth or soon after herself. In some places it was customary not to even name a child until they were a year old due to high infant mortality. I guess some people think those were the good old days. —- Oh, my skinny friend, I expect this comment thread will be long and active.

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  5. You asked, so I’ll answer….
    I am one of those “Crunchy Moms”. No, I don’t think that vaccines “cause” Autism….nor have I ever heard any of my tribe citing that as a reason not to vaccinate. When my kids were little, we were taking healthy babies and filling them full of mercury and live viruses….multiple times at once. I didn’t think that was a good idea for my first born, who had severe food allergies. I had done my research and knew that vaccines came with the risk of death, brain injuries, etc. The big pharma companies also make tons off of all those vaccinations, and I don’t feel they do enough research into the effects. It wasn’t a risk that I felt I needed to take in order to provide “herd immunity”. I make my decisions about medical procedure for my children based on the risk/benefit to them….not on how it affects others. The whole idea of herd immunity is based on the idea that most people will be vaccinated. If you’re so certain that vaccines work, then a few unvaxed people around shouldn’t bother you at all….since you’re protected.

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    • Crunchy mom, that phrase always makes me laugh.

      Thanks for your comment, it is cool that you researched before you made that decision.

      Unfortunately a couple unvaccinated kids somehow turn into dozens and then hundreds and then thousands. Now suddenly everyone has polio again, a disease that was almost entirely eradicated.

      Outbreaks of measles and whooping cough have already happened because of people who have researched the vaccines. Maybe it’s time we research the diseases and thank god that a little mercury will keep them away.

      PS if you’ve ever eaten fish, your argument has no leg to stand on.

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      • Interesting comments. I just want to point out that drug and vaccine research is extremely rigorous and most people are blindly unaware of exactly what is undertaken for a drug to be approved and launched. Sure, there are situations where a drug is fast tracked but EVEN IN THOSE situations, they are rigorously tested. These treatments go through preclinical and four stages of clinical development where everything from efficacy to safety and toxicity are reviewed and usually in a large sample size. This data is then independently approved by governing bodies such as the FDA and the EMA. Because many treatments have side effects, these are listed on the treatment packaging and all treatments are freely available to the public. Obviously with any treatment, there are risks involved. But, that applies to anything from pain relief to blood pressure. You may be at risk to allergies from anything to penicillin for example. Again, these things are clearly labelled but if these things were widely dangerous they would not be approved. That being said, you CAN have side effects. It’s your decision of you want your child to ride out something like measles or polio for example and see if they survive or not.

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    • You mean you are an immunologist? What do you mean you “researched” it? Because the list of possible side effects that’s listed on aspirin is pretty scary… but people drop it like candy.

      And tell that “I make my decisions…. not on how it affects others” to the cancer survivors whose whole survival depends on herd immunity. Your selfish attitude is scary.

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  6. Hi,

    I recently wrote an article addressing this issue at length. I provide evidence from peer-reviewed journals/data to help elucidate what vaccines really do and how we can better address it. Its clear that this topic is dear to many and my conclusions are objective (as much as humanly possible. Please read the article below. Thanks 🙂



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  7. My children’s vaccination is spotty, thanks to Obamacare and it’s in and out’s for my family. Twice I’ve had to pay more than two thousand dollars for one set of shots each, thanks to the fact that for whatever reason our amazing insurance carriers have dropped me at random due to computer malfunctions, or mistyped information. Due to this my children have been behind or missing a shot here and there. There has got to be a better system, my family is upside down on medical bills for minor errors that should never happen, but no one will take accountability for. Despite that, I do try my best to keep my kiddos vaccinated.

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  8. I’d love to see the anti-vaxxer moms telling a group of mothers in Congo that they shouldn’t vaccinate their kids because “big pharma” and “measles aren’t fatal” and “autism”. It would be interesting to watch.

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  9. I do know some children have genuine issues that prevent it. I have a brother-in-law for which the vaccines were considered a genuine health risk greater than the chances of catching the disease, but that was done on advice of his cardiologist. All my kids are vaccinated, and my wife and I are as well (we skip the flu vaccine though. My flu symptoms are always worse on years when I get it).

    I do get the legal arguments both for and against forced vaccinations. I tend to like the methodology where I live; you don’t have to vaccinate, but they can’t attend public school unless they do.

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  10. Both of my kids are fully vaccinated—for their health and the health of the people who can’t get vaccines for valid medical reasons. Also, I’m a big fan of the flu vaccine, FWIW. It doesn’t always prevent the flu since there are so many strains, but it does a world of good helping prevent very serious illness.

    (Anecdote time: My in-laws didn’t get the flu vaccine 2 years ago. We were visiting them for Christmas when they both fell really ill. Turned out they had influenza. So I ended up changing my plane ticket to get my 2-y-o and myself home and out of contagion’s way, especially because I was pregnant. My MIL was SO sick, she ended up being hospitalized, then got pneumonia on top of the flu. Needless to say they’re both big proponents about the flu shot now.)

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    • Eek I’m back and forth on the flu shot actually. I did get them for the first couple of years, if I’m at the doctors office and he makes me, I’ll do it 🙂

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 it’s appreciated!


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  12. I have a dear friend who is very anti-vax – she’s done a ton of research and I respect her conclusions. But, that said, I have a somewhat compromised immune system, so I get the flu shot and encourage it for my coworkers and family. Part of herd immunity is that we know vaccines are NOT 100% effective – you CAN, in fact, be vaccinated for something AND STILL GET IT. So the more people who ARE vaxxed, the fewer instances you’re likely to be exposed to, making the vax more effective.

    Or something.

    We all know folks who swear up and down that flu shots make them sick….I am not having their experience, so I can’t promise to not be true. I DO know with fair certainty that the actual flu will put me in the hospital, though.

    I don’t have all the answers. But I DO think we ALL need to do a MUCH better job of understanding what we’re putting into our bodies vs. just accepting what the local docs tell us. We all have access to a TON of info…and we’re very lazy about doing our own research and approaching it with discernment.

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  13. I ran alongside this train for a couple of miles before deciding to finally jump in. First, I love when a blogger just takes a stand. There’s a fear that we’ll polarize by expressing our opinion. It’s not like you’ve called those who disagree with you something horrible – but even if you did …

    We’ve never been in favor of non-essential vaccines. We also give over-the-counter meds as a last resort and try to limit M&Ms but not really.

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  14. sigh…. vaccine injury is real, I am vaccine injured myself. Vaccines also kill and put kids/adults in wheelchairs. This isn’t something to be sarcastic about, it’s something everyone should be educated about. I live every damn day with part of my body being numb(sometimes it’s hard to walk), and I’m still not immune to anything I was vaccinated against, most people aren’t. They just trust the vaccines work, but vaccination does not equal immunity. A vaccine insert informs you of that.

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  15. Phew you had me worried for a second!!! I was listening to a doctor on BBC radio and of course yes we should vaccinate, the damage due to contracting measles is absolutely horrific!

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  16. I always find these articles interesting. Vaccines are not actually mandatory in Canada. Thank goodness for that, because I feel parents should have the right to choose. They should be smart about it of course and make an informed decision. But, I do find it funny that so many people get upset about the unvaccinated, because if they had enough “faith” that the vaccine works, then their child wouldn’t get sick from somebody else with the flu anyway. Just an idea anyway.

    Thank you for writing this! I enjoy reading your blog 🙂


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    • It’s not so much the flu people are worried about, but deadly diseases such as measles and polio. The flu vaccine is not mandatory and it doesn’t work the same as the others. When they make the flu vaccine, they are only guessing they have the right one, whereas the other vaccines infants and children get don’t change, and they work! The worry is for people who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons!

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  17. So far we have done all of the vaccinations. I believe the chicken pox one is coming up next and I have my doubts about that one. I don’t really see the need for it. Is chicken pox really that dangerous? I had it and survived. It was the norm when I was growing up. Everyone had it. I’ll have to discuss this with our doctor at our next visit and I’ll make my decision then. #StayClassyMama

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    • I agree, talking to your Doctor about it is a great start. I am an RN, and from what I understand the chicken pox vaccine is twofold. It prevents chicken pox AND Shingles. Neither are usually fatal, but shingles is an extremely painful disease that can develop later in life if you had chicken pox as a child. It manifests as open sores on your body and nerve pain, that can come and go for years. Not everyone gets shingles if they have had chicken pox, but from what I understand it is NOT fun. Just thought I’d clear the air on the chicken pox vaccine. Because you’re right, chicken pox is normal and not usually dangerous.

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      • After talking to our doctor we decided to go ahead with the vaccine. It turns out that chicken pox can be dangerous because it has a serious effect on the immune system and leaves one susceptible to complications. I asked if it protects against shingles and it does not. There is a second vaccine for that which is recommended much later in life.

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  18. There’s that meme going round at the moment, with the iron lung, saying “Remember what an iron lung is used for? Neither do I as we no longer need them. Vaccinate your kids” I remember all those books where a parent was in the lounge room living in the iron lung so it must have been common before the 1960’s…#Stayclassymama

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  19. It’s an interesting post to follow. People are just too suspicious. Thank God for vaccinations. Let’s not overthink everything. Alison x #Stayclassymama

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  20. When I read the title of this post, I was thinking to myself “shit, I really liked her, too.” Hahaha! God, I’m so relieved this wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be. My kids are all vaccinated, chicken pox, HPV, and flu shots included. I’d love to hear some of the reasons Mom choose not to outside of the rare allergic reaction kids can have to certain immunizations. Let me know if anyone ever says anything with any merit. (Jenny McCarthy led mothers not included. Y’all dumb.)


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  21. thank you for this post. Came ready to fight but hoped a little bit for sarcasm!
    People (as a society) have very short memory. People were standing for hours in lines when first polio vaccine was released… because they knew someone or of someone who was in iron lung, paralyzed or died of it. People don’t remember that when whooping cough or flu came through a village, sometimes 2/3 of all kids died. It’s clear when we look at old cemeteries from 18-19th c. – suddenly we have 5 kids from one family dead within a week.

    HPV vaccine is beneficial both to girls and to boys – it is proved successful in lowering rates of cervical cancer in women and a kind of penis cancer (Can’t remember that well). Most of the stories about side effects were proved to be fabricated, no relation (meaning an illness could have happen anyway), much later than the shot (some people were trying to connect something that happened a year after).

    Flu can be deadly. Too many people confuse flu with cold, mostly b/c of stupid commercials that talk about anti-flu medicine when really they mean cold.

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  22. I do vaccinate mostly because I feel pressured into doing it. I have seen the research on both sides though. I can’t say I feel 100% either way. I also believe the pharmaceutical industry would go broke if not for all these ‘necessary’ vaccinations.

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  23. I love your take on your blog piece. Make out like you actually don’t vaccinate your kids but using silly reasons why not. I personally agree, when given the choice of preventing your childrens illness or sick kids, I’d rather have the former!

    Happy Blogging x

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  24. Chicken pox isn’t optional for us (Alberta, Canada). They lump it in with the one of the other shots…grrr.

    If i had the option of not giving chicken pox vaccine i would not. Just like I don’t do flu vaccine.

    We do the standards though. MMR, HiB, etc.

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  25. I’m from the UK. And I think if you have concerns about the corporate nature of the US health industry a good rule of thumb is to see what is offered in the UK national health service. This is an underfunded service so only very essential vacs are offered as standard. Chicken pox for example is not offered whereas MMR is. There is not financial gain to this. So I suspect it’s important.

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      • I get it, but do you feel the other side’s point? It doesn’t matter to the parents who win the lottery of vaccine death how many other billions of humans did not die of it. Doesn’t matter a one single bit. They don’t care how improbable it was, it still killed 100% of their child.

        It’s a moral dilemma debate.

        Here is a pill. It may kill you, but it may help the rest of society, or honestly may be of no net benefit other than providing money for the pill maker. Will you take it?

        Will you make it a law that all must take it?

        What punishment will you give for those who refuse the risk with their free will?

        Do you strongly believe that you have the right to demand that parents across America play long odds Russian roulette with their new babies?

        Even if vaccines are useful and low risk, I’m in the camp that says it is the right of each person to choose their own risk.

        Thanks for this discussion. I think it is an important one and I appreciate you letting another point of view be heard on your blog.

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  26. It’s a very interesting topic for sure. I find it amusing that people get so mad at each other for it and just believe everything they’re told from the health care system (which is run by the government, which means big $$$ for them). People think the unvaccinated are putting the others at risk which is not true. I work in health care and have watched many who were vaccinated get sick with stuff they shouldn’t have gotten and did. People who are vaccinated can still be carriers of disease and MAY not get it themselves. We also have what is called an immune system and if we are healthy to begin with, that should fight off whatever is trying to compromise it. I’m not a believer in all of these new vaccines. In my childhood, the only ones that were around were MMR, polio and diphtheria. People need to do some reading on these topics rather than putting their health in the care of the government. What concerns me most about over vaccinating is the ingredients. Mercury, formaldehyde are just the beginning of what are in these and of course those can cause cancer, autism and SIDS.

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