Ten Reasons Why I’m Wrong To Be Happy


1. You aren’t happy, so no one else should be either
2. You see someone’s happiness and it makes you sick
3. You are just a bitch
4. No one has ever been nice to you before
5. You have ugly hair
6. Your mom didn’t cuddle you when you were a baby
7. You didn’t switch to Geico
8. You overpaid for a Tickle Me Elmo
9. You are jealous of my ass
10. You didn’t win Grand Supreme Little Darling

Do me a favor. If you see someone happy, leave them alone.

PS if you are wondering what I’m talking about, please see the comments on my About Me page.



49 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why I’m Wrong To Be Happy

  1. I’m laughing too much this morning. Does that mean Zada will take me to court Donald Trump style and sue me for being happy? If Zada does take me to court for laughing, I’m going to have my lawyer serve you papers to be a witness for my side of this issue.

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  2. well !! that was an interesting read… I did just pop over to your About me and try and make sense of it. All i can say is that it is sad that Zadacannot be happy without a significant other, it beggars the question whether she/he could be happy fullstop! Fortuneately you are happy. And single. I’m happy . And not single. But i used to be equally happy and single. As ever, enjoying your blogging x

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  3. I wonder what Culture Zada is from. I’m thinking Middle East where women are 2nd class citizens, the chattel and property of men. Their roll in life is to make their man happy and stay out of sight as much as possible while cranking out babies, and doing housekeeping. And if she doesn’t, the husband gets to beat her senseless and maybe even kill her if he suspects she had an affair with another man. I’ve read that many Marrakesh are arranged even between men decades older then 12 and 13 year old wives.

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  4. I’ve been trying to get Lloyd on OTV but I had no idea I would develop a crush on him! No one tell Tom Angel or Raymond Baxter…shit. I better tell Ben , as my husband he should know I have three male blog crushes and three female blog crushes. You’re still number 1 on the girls Laura. Smack your ass for me. K

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  5. You know, I haven’t switched to Geico and I know I’m a bitch. Loved the post. BTW, the photo that you used looks like one of those ads for a yeast infection or some kind of psoriasis commercial. I want to offer her Zoloft or something. Funny stuff!

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  6. Firstly, I like your Profile name. Its cute. Secondly if you really are in 40’s and still single, well that’s Your Version of Happiness. That’s the Plan, God has for you.
    You are Right, when we see someone Happy, Leave them alone and let them be Happy. Don’t shoot your mouth off in jealousy.

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  7. Wow! I’m new to your blog, but I had to go back and read the comments you were referring too and I only have one thing to say about that person:


    It’s mind boggling hilarious.

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