Hate Me Faster

Hate Me FasterBlah blah, go ahead and hate me. Super juicy.

The number of hateful comments I’ve received lately has just made me realize that my blog kicks ass. Serious, incredible ass, wait, that’s a mirror.

I have made an effort to anger, enlighten and enrich the lives of those who spend their time here. Good for me!!! I get paid oodles of money and get to read mean tweets for days on end. (I don’t make any money)

I should make a video “Skinny reads mean tweets.” Viral!!!!

One request, can you hate me faster? Don’t throw out a tweet, let me answer and then cry in your bed for a week. Come on now, hate me all at once, I have a life to get back to and you’re wasting my precious time. Why the long, drawn out shit?

I know why you hate me, you hate me because your blog sucks. Wait, not YOUR blog, the other guy.

PS Special shout out to those who spend hours slamming me, thank you, your rage makes me happy.


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70 thoughts on “Hate Me Faster

  1. Hate you? Are you insane? I would say that we all love you, but that kind of sounds like some weird stalker stuff. You are funny, insightful, educational, cutting edge….what was the rest you wanted me to say? Oh, yeah, you are the best blog on the internet!

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  2. I’m with Nicole on this – make the video – I have to ponder a bit, though. I must be doing something wrong. I’m not getting hate Tweets – Oh, that must be because I don’t do Twitter. Hmmm – I will read you and attempt to learn.

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  3. Cant see any reason to hate that’s weird must just be jealous trolls that attack when we are at our happiest
    Fuckem i think it means you are doing good and feeling happy! Take it as a positive sign

    (I hope you don’t mean my comments i mean them all as positive but people dont alway understand me)

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      • Wow for weeks impressive
        Thats some serious troll envy they must have
        Don’t understand why anyone would want to waste their life being angry seems like they could have a better time if they used 10% of that energy they waste trying to be happy
        But what do i know
        Seriously what do i know
        No really im wanting to know I haven’t a clue πŸ˜‰
        Stay smiles and remember you have nice hair and a great butt (well it does have that one crack in it…but I doubt that devalues it 😜)

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  4. Make the video for sure! I agree with everyone else…some people have WAAAYYYY too much time on their hands. Maybe they are unemployed. Life is meant to be lived with joy…not attacking people’s blogs:-) They should simply not read your blog if they are offended…it is not like there is a lack of things to read in the information age that we live in:-)

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  5. Hate you? Wow, some people really love drama, don’t they? I dropped a couple of blogs recently because I found their blogs to be hateful. I didn’t make a scene, I didn’t make a comment. I simply took my mouse down and clicked the “following” button. Life is so much easier that way.

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  6. There seems to be an evolutionary off-shoot sub-species in which the brain in now located in the anorectal junction to the anus, this appears to facilitate better use of the vocal chords which are have been operational there for some time.
    Curious how this group seem to be troubling you on your blog

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  7. I’m divorced 12 fucking glorious years, I’m skinny, semi goodlooking with a boyfriend who looks like a model and people hate me because I’m skinny and don’t look 52.5. We are awesome!!!! On to the hate…. hate comments rock because it means you’re doing something right. Sorry, but lifes not great without pissing people off. I made you tube videos and didn’t get all lot of hate, but when I did I would get so excited. Like you said….I’m weird!

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  8. I just found you thanks to Susie Lindau’s blog party. I don’t know why you want me to hate you, but never let it be said that I’m not a team player so… I Hate You. And also, in the spirit of the party, let me say: “Hi! Nice to meet you.”

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  9. I never understand why people would waste everyone’s time to leave hateful comments… Oh well… to each their own (but what a sad life…). I’m glad you don’t let it tear you down. Saw your link drop at Susie’s and glad I did. I have not visited for an eternity!!! Glad I’m back πŸ˜‰

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  10. I only get hate messages on HuffPo, clearly my actual blog is not famous enough! πŸ˜‰ Maybe I’ll keep it that way… I have a terrible reaction to trolls: it tends to include the word Fuck. Loving the humor here! Found you at Susie’s link up.

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