Seven People That Need Punched In The Crotch

Seven People That Need Punched In The CrotchWhile there are hundreds of people who individually need a punch to the junk, I’ve isolated seven personalities that really, really deserve to keep ice on their crotches for a good week or more.

1. Those that call me a feminist. This makes me laugh. If I had my way, I’d let my man take care of the money while I cooked dinners, kept his children clean and happy and kept a clean house. Do you know how many bananas I throw away because I don’t have time to make banana bread? Waaaaaay too many bananas.

2. Those that misunderstand me. They think I’m a bitter, man hating asshole. I am not a man hater, I love them, I think they are cute and want to drag them off to my lair.

3. Those that tell me I’m old. Like I don’t know that already? I have a mirror, bitch, no need to be mean, I know I am old.

4. Actual feminists, yes, it’s important that you make the same money for the same job. I totally agree with that but too many times, really, a woman can’t install four 75 pound tires in the same time as a man. Seen it with my own eyes, you can’t do it honey, so shut yer hole.

5. People who create memes that say “1 out of 4 homeless people are women”, no one cares that the 3 out of 4 homeless people are men, f*ck men, they don’t matter.

6. Bitches that want to be in every area that men used to have for themselves. There are no “men only” gyms, not allowed just boys in boy scouts, girls have to encroach on every single thing that men had on their own. But damn, bitch, don’t allow boys in girl scouts or anything.

7. Stupid women who want days off for their period. Really, pick one, either you are as good as a man or you aren’t. Men don’t take time off for silly nonsense as this.

I am not a feminist, I am not a social justice warrior, I am not a crack pot either. I am a regular woman, I want to take care of my family and treat my spouse well. Why did this become a problem? What the hell happened to women that they are so focused on being better than men that they have lost touch with their feminine instincts, the instinct to love and care for their family.

This makes me sad for future generations, where children are looking for their mother but their mother is too busy slamming men into the ground.

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126 thoughts on “Seven People That Need Punched In The Crotch

  1. At the risk of showing my age (like I care), I have the first Ms. Magazine around here somewhere, which I subscribed to for several years. Women don’t know how hard it was to get Ms. accepted as a salutation because no one thinks about it anymore. You might ask why I stopped subscribing.

    Here’s my front-row seat view of the feminist movement: It was supposed to make it possible for women to choose to have a job for equal pay. It wasn’t meant to create an environment where 2 incomes are necessary to survive. Now, women have to work 40 hours a week and still take care of the house.

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  2. I’ve been reading your articles for some time now and I must say this one you hit the nail right on the head. I could go “Bible on this but you have said it too well. 3 cheers to you keep up toe good work.

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  3. I heart you. All of this is fantastic. I absolutely am one of those social justice warriors to a degree, on certain things, but not everything. I do want my girls to have every opportunity that they work for, but they have to work for it and not just be gifted it to them because they don’t have a penis. That being said, I do believe that men and women need their separate shit, because well it makes sense. I sure as hell don’t want to be around catty women all day so I can’t imagine a lot of men would like that too much either. Great piece.

    Oh, freeze the bananas for when you do have time to bake the bread.

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  4. I don’t think you have any understanding of feminism…at all. You have clearly confused misandry with actual feminism (a common mistake). It appears that you have internalized quite a bit of sexism..think about issues that feminism actually seeks to resolve (rape culture, not being paid fairly, gender constructs for men and women). Actual feminism acknowledges that the patriarchy hurts men and women. Feminism is not about putting other people down but about fairness and equality. There is no “slamming” there is only the desire to live as freely as anyone else, regardless of sex, gender, orientation, race etc.

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    • Feminism- what, that female supremacy hate cult that has nothing to do with its dictionary definition? Shove it. Feminism is not the world. Patriarchy theory is woo, just like hegemonic masculinity, gender as social construct, etc. It is marxism with panties, bent on creating false dichotomies like its parent ideology.

      The patriarchy does not hurt men. Feminists do. Everyone except you meagre cadre know it now. It is not the 20th century anymore.

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      • We obviously have very different opinions on social issues, or in your case the existence of them. That being said, I’m sure it is obvious that I completely disagree with you. You have no understanding of feminism and its goals.
        Don’t tell me that we don’t live in a post sexist society where women are no longer oppressed. The recent Stanford rape case is a prime example. A woman’s rape has been completely delegitimized in favor of a young man’s future. If that is not blatant sexism then what is? A woman’s right to control her body is still under debate in a very public sphere. Telling me we live in a society that is not a patriarchy is as ridiculous as saying we live in a post racial society when police are murdering innocent black civilians practically every day. The patriarchy hurts all of us. I stand by the fact that it casts us into confining gender roles where women are torn between playing the madonna or the whore. Men are expected to act like they don’t have any feelings for fear of being labeled weak. There are countless things that the patriarchy does to make us feel like we are not good enough just as we are. But, in fairness I’ve probably just wasted my time trying to convince someone who isn’t interested in listening and couldn’t even come up with a coherent argument in response but chose instead to spout a bunch of jargon in an attempt to demonstrate that you knew something.

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      • Rowlandbeatrix is full of the usual SJW nonsense. Stating, sneeringly and condescendingly, all the facts that have been debunked and disproved over and over. But hey, we state something that doesn’t fit his narrative, so we are absolutely wrong. Of course a Patriarchy exists (not in the Middle East or Africa though), and of course Western Society approves and encourages rape and oppression of women – seeing how men are more set in jail/have their lives ruined by the mere accusation of being a rapist proves this mad feminist guy’s statements.

        Oh, and the gender wage gap is absolutely a myth. If he considers it actually being based on sexism… I dunno, I think he never read any factual articles in his life. Seems to me the guy is a bit of a narcissist too, standing high on his intellectual podium, speaking down to us dirty plebians. -.-

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    • the trouble with the definition of feminism is that there is what feminism is supposed to be (and what a small minority of feminists still are) and what feminism has devolved into. The perceived definition has changed – just like the perceived definition of the word “entitlement”. An entitlement by dictionary standards is something a person is OWED and entitled to – something they deserve, but by modern definition entitlements mean welfare that the recipient may – or may NOT – be owed. Feminism is exactly the same. People have taken this word and given it a new perceived definition, and this article is discussing that perceived definition, just as thousands of posts the country over use entitlement in its new perceived form. No one is chomping at the bit that the word entitlement has changed meaning – in fact when I point out the real definition *I* get slammed – so if we want to “go with the flow” and accept that new definition then we need to go with the flow and accept the new definition of feminism without complaint. We can’t really pick and choose which words we allow to evolve and which ones we don’t. So, in that vein, we all know WHAT she means when she uses the word feminism, and arguing semantics is pointless.

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    • Actually feminism is confused with misandry routinely because they’re one and the same. Feminism promotes fear in women and hostilities towards men. Misandry is the hatred of men and hating men is what feminism does best.

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  5. Lol…I would say I’m a feminist and agree with a lot on this list. I’m a feminist, but damn…I’m not putting on tires…that shit is heavy. But I also think it’s stupid if a guy who can’t lift that much or just doesn’t fell like tries to. Get your car to a store or mechanic and have them do it.

    Also all of my guy friends take off for silly nonsense. It’s Monday morning and fantasy football needs to be updated, call out. I’ll take my days off for whatever I want just like they do.

    Plus I could have sworn there was an article recently about 1. a boy joining girl scouts because he saw him self as a girl and 2. a boy joining a girls field hockey team just cause he liked the sport.

    May be I’m crazy, but none of the above has anything to do with feminism, but to do with equality.

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  6. We are all confused hippotcrites, assholes in varying degrees. Only difference is, some of us are aware of that fact while others spend their lives denying it. 😀

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  7. I do understand the point you are trying to make here. I get the premise of there are just some things I don’t want to do as a woman and I am sure my husband doesn’t necessarily want to do that I do. I believe that has more to do with differences in people and not differences in sexes. Some men love to cook. I have friends who are stay at home Dads and love it. These are human differences not sex differences. The main reason women that were of my Mother’s era fought for equality and for their rights as humans is because there was a patriarchal society that they were living in. If they didn’t launch the feminist movement, women would be even further behind economically and socially. I proudly call myself a feminist who is raising a daughter to be a feminist. I don’t want her to assume she is not deserving of all of the same advantages that her brothers had. I want her to shoot for the stars. I want any guy she dates to treat her with kindness and respect. There are ‘man-haters’ because there have been many men that have given them reason to. There is an economic difference in a woman’s earning potential. We still have a victim blaming society when it comes to sexual assault. We live in a very much patriarchal society still.

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  8. Brit writing: (Nearly) 65 year old male.
    Now that’s what I call ‘Setting Out Your Stall’… I don’t know if I would agree with every dot & comma, but you do remind me of my two daughters!!
    You carry on saying what you have to say
    Take care

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  10. Thanks for what, in my opinion, is a very amusing post. Would that all who have a particular political axe to grind or social agenda to promote confine their outreach to those who have the power to aid in their quest and leave the rest of us out of the conversation. Personally, I doubt that I’ll ever be converted to any cause by being told how wrong my current thinking is.

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  11. Apparently teachers in secondary school now mustn’t call girls ‘girls’ as that is being discriminatory to trans people or people who aren’t sure what gender they belong to. Glad I’m on my way out.(BTW my cat still insists on being called a cat, even though she chases dogs)

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  12. I love the post! I dislike the word feminist. I don’t want to be a man or be treated like one. I rather like being a woman. I would like to be treated fairly in the workplace, but I won’t act like a man to do it. That seems a bit counter productive to me. I won’t shame another woman for choosing to do what is right for her. Choice is the whole point, isn’t it?

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  15. Great article! I’m an older woman (grandma) and I worked in a primarily mail dominated field for years. I’m not a traditional feminist. I’m just a staunch supporter of women’s rights. I never saw why we couldn’t do what we wanted without worrying about whether it was masculine or feminine. I can hunt and get the meat and dress it out and cook it. Can I do what a man can do? No. Men and women are different. All this “equality” stuff left out a basic rule, men and women are different. Not better or worse, just different.

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  16. Not too sure what a feminist is these ists get everywhere from communist to capitalist and realist to fantasist then there’s nonconformist along with futurist. We love our labels to sum up the human personality in one word. Here are some more cracking labels Christian , Muslim, German American and specially for you atheist , scientist , fundamentalist . Everyone conjures up a different image for us.

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