Seven People That Need Punched In The Crotch

Seven People That Need Punched In The CrotchWhile there are hundreds of people who individually need a punch to the junk, I’ve isolated seven personalities that really, really deserve to keep ice on their crotches for a good week or more.

1. Those that call me a feminist. This makes me laugh. If I had my way, I’d let my man take care of the money while I cooked dinners, kept his children clean and happy and kept a clean house. Do you know how many bananas I throw away because I don’t have time to make banana bread? Waaaaaay too many bananas.

2. Those that misunderstand me. They think I’m a bitter, man hating asshole. I am not a man hater, I love them, I think they are cute and want to drag them off to my lair.

3. Those that tell me I’m old. Like I don’t know that already? I have a mirror, bitch, no need to be mean, I know I am old.

4. Actual feminists, yes, it’s important that you make the same money for the same job. I totally agree with that but too many times, really, a woman can’t install four 75 pound tires in the same time as a man. Seen it with my own eyes, you can’t do it honey, so shut yer hole.

5. People who create memes that say “1 out of 4 homeless people are women”, no one cares that the 3 out of 4 homeless people are men, f*ck men, they don’t matter.

6. Bitches that want to be in every area that men used to have for themselves. There are no “men only” gyms, not allowed just boys in boy scouts, girls have to encroach on every single thing that men had on their own. But damn, bitch, don’t allow boys in girl scouts or anything.

7. Stupid women who want days off for their period. Really, pick one, either you are as good as a man or you aren’t. Men don’t take time off for silly nonsense as this.

I am not a feminist, I am not a social justice warrior, I am not a crack pot either. I am a regular woman, I want to take care of my family and treat my spouse well. Why did this become a problem? What the hell happened to women that they are so focused on being better than men that they have lost touch with their feminine instincts, the instinct to love and care for their family.

This makes me sad for future generations, where children are looking for their mother but their mother is too busy slamming men into the ground.

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