The Sad Clown

The sad clown

I believe the best comedy comes from those battling the biggest demons. As a defense, they use humour just to get through their day. Yes! This IS a good thing, it’s awesome to laugh your troubles away. Sometimes. The sad part about this is they really can’t be themselves with anyone, ever.

They have their job because of their quick wit and charm.

They have their spouse because of the goofiness and finding fun in bad situations.

They have their friends because of the entertainment value.

When can they turn it off? They can’t. There isn’t one person in their life that lets them be real, ever. And crying? Forget it. If everyone around you thinks you are funny, you are the loneliest person on earth. I truly see why comedians kill themselves, people need to be real. If they have to always do that alone, that’s pretty tragic.

Please look around at your friends and loved ones; you see who I’m talking about. Follow the laughter and give them a hug. Hugs mean everything, spread em around.


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59 thoughts on “The Sad Clown

  1. I’ve been told many times that my humour is my defense. Like an armour, a shield, a sword that I weild….. ( I use goofy poetry too, wouldn’t you?) OK, so I don’t cry very often, what! Seriously what are you looking at? Move along folks, nothin to see here…. lol

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  2. Mandi Belle ping-forwarded this (or whatever she did). It’s an engaging and revealing look-around of those who ceaselessly tell jokes. Who can only do humor. You’re right–these folks should be a concern. And hugs are good for them. And then the rest of us.

    I enjoyed reading your “About.” It’s great you know how to do so many things. I can change a tire, but I only have to walk groceries up two flights.

    Thanks for your insightful work!

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  3. Great comment line and blog description! I admit to using humor in every difficult situation. I can definitely see how lonely it is to be on all the time but nothing brings more joy than laughter.

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  4. So very good!!Makes me sadly think of Robin Williams. Yes humor is a lfe saver for me when going through hard times, BUT I do have people that I can cry with, that can see my other side and yes that is SO important!

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  5. You shone a light on an issue that I don’t think many realize yet. Many of the funniest people, many of the kindest people, and many of the seemingly happiest people are actually the ones who are the loneliest and the ones who are hurting the most, because they know what pain feels like and they don’t want anyone else to feel like them. It’s a noble and beautiful act, and yet, they are the ones who pay the price for it in the end.

    If they’re helping spreading joy to everyone else, who’s spreading joy to them? 😦

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  6. This is so true! I thought of Robin Williams aswell (just saw your comment above!). It makes me so sad to think that someone who brought such joy to millions (and still does) was so miserable themselves and couldn’t find a way to reach out and get the help they needed. It’s such a serious subject, and a reminder that if we have ‘comedians’ in our life, we should make sure that their ‘funny mask’ isn’t hiding something. My boyfriend has anxiety and depression, and he uses humour as a mask – I know what lies behind it but many other people in our lives have no idea, and would be shocked if they found out, as he hides it well x

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  7. Fantastic share. It’s true that so many talented artists keep their demons hidden while providing laughter and entertainment, including many talented writers who live in escape worlds. Indeed we need to share some love. πŸ™‚

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  8. great read. I am a firm believer that people need physical contact. I am a hugger and I love getting hugs, just the way I am. I think it is a shame that we have become a society that we have to watch what we say or do because someone might be offended.

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  9. Humor has helped me through a lot! You can either choose to be negative about life’s up and downs or count the blessings you do have. I guess it is up to us “all” to show some of our vulnerabilites as well as our comedic side. We have to remember that we are allowed to be real and show our tears as well. Being the strong, funny one all the time eventually wears a person down. Loved this post! xo hugs!!!!! ❀

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  11. “Quit horsing around!” This is what my dad always told us kids. We always laughed and later discussed how dad “hated all and disallowed all things fun.” I know this isn’t really related to your topic but the word “clown” brought it to mind. Thanks for the follow btw!

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