Are Your Children Embarrassing?

Are Your Children EmbarrassingKids do a lot of annoying things that look ridiculous to adults, ok, it’s everything they do. Your instincts to stop them from being silly and embarrassing are strong, I get that. I am asking you now to get over it. Don’t roll your eyes, don’t ask them to stop and don’t tell them they look stupid!

Imagination is not what it used to be, kids aren’t allowed to spend time dreaming, kids aren’t allowed to mess up and be silly. Kids are structured into classes, lessons and homework and it sucks. There is no time to bark and act like a dog. There is no time to moo, walk like a crab or play with sock puppets. There is no time to pretend, there is just no time.

Kids who are allowed these fun behaviours become actors, dancers and comedians. They are the class clowns and the trouble makers, and now they are on Broadway.

Or maybe because you encouraged his imagination, he will just be awesome, inspired and creative. He will be a thinker and have excellent problem-solving skills, he will be a useful member of society!

Please don’t kill your children’s joy, childhood is too damned short to be told to stop twirling. Twirl on kiddo, twirl on.

PS I made one of my girlfriends push me in a swing alongside her three-year-old. I never stopped twirling.


Help My Kid Is Embarrassing

45 comments on “Are Your Children Embarrassing?

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never stopped twirling……I think I embarrass my son.

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  2. Kids are supposed to do stuff like that and of course it’s the parents job to embarrass their parents. We all need some joy in our lives πŸ˜€
    We should never stop twirling!

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  3. kalliamanika says:

    Who said swings are only for kids? Maybe they meant kids at heart? Haha! Loved your post!

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  4. dgkaye says:

    Amen to this post. Kids need to be kids, by expressing themselves and using imagination. That’s how they build character. πŸ™‚

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  5. I not only encouraged my so to embarrass me, but embarrassed him at every opportunity! Now he gets to pass on this tradition to his two totally silly little boys. Great post!

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  6. Steve says:

    Haha. I’d be on that swing too!

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  7. Alice says:

    You are so right! Thank you for reminding us of the importance of imagination!

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  8. Are you in my head? Right now I feel like you might be, haha! Sometimes I do think to myself, “OK, why does that bother you?” and if I don’t have a legitimate reason, I won’t interfere with what my kids are doing.

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  9. plotless1 says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Great Post. Let your children twirl. Head on over to Skinny and Single, there is always a laugh over there.

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  10. M.Winter says:

    Children should serve as inspirations. I know with mine, they always have these crazy ideas and we do try them out and see how they pan out.

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  11. I agree, children must be allowed to be kids and do kid things.

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  12. Miriam says:

    Love this. I’ve always allowed my kids to be silly. They’re now 17 and 15 and still happily doing what they love best. Now it’s me embarrassing them! Thanks for a great read.

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  13. Yes! I agree completely! I always tell my 7 year old how much more fun life as a kid was when I was growing up, playing outside, getting dirty, making up games and playing make believe. It’s also funny to me that no one can make my 1 year old laugh more than her big sister. As much as I try to be funny and silly my 7 year old doesn’t have to try, she just is and my 1 year old loves it! Let those kids play, be silly and get the wiggles out, if not now, when? Great post.

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  14. Akhila says:

    kids are testing our patience. and let us not fail..
    wonderful post..

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  15. Kerry-Ann says:

    Kids are awesome and we can definitely learn thing or two from them. Life doesn’t need to be that complicated…we just make it so. So, I agree with you, keep on twirling and get moms and dads twirling too! #fabfridaypost

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  16. Oh! Absolutely! Life too short for all the formalities.Thank you for linking up with #FabFridayPost

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  17. bumbismom says:

    Great post and I couldn’t agree more. My daughter likes to check strangers for poopies by looking up their shorts/pants legs and I have never once stopped her. (No, I do not check for her poopies by going the long way, but she is creative.) Thanks for linking up with the #FabFridayPost

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  18. This is so true. I always say there must be a balance. Our youngest loves dancing and singing. Ohhhh boy. She’s a true performer. I can always depend on her to jam in the middle of the store with me when that good song comes on. Lol.

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  19. I’m the oldest 6-year old there is out there. I always let my kids be kids while the other mothers were looking at me like I had a second head because I allowed them to be free. A few of those kids are in jail and mine are the most well adjusted young men out there.


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