When I Say No

When I Say No2Saying no has become a reasonably frightening thing in the last five years. Actually, my fear is me putting some dickhead through a window, but that is a story for another day. Regardless of how I say it, it just doesn’t end well.

I guess when I say no, it’s the same as me stabbing you.

I guess when I say no, it’s like I’ve cut your balls off.

I guess when I say no, I’ve left you with no hope for the future with anyone, ever.

I guess I’m that special.

Yep, I’m so special that I’ve been stood up on the first date by a guy who begged me to go out with him.

Oh ya, I’m so special that I’ve been dumped by an indecent amount of guys.

I am so f*cking special that I get messages like this:

Just say no

Why can’t some men take rejection and just laugh it off. Women can say no, it’s true. Do you know why they’re saying no?

Women mostly say no because they’re hung up on someone. Yes, he’s a total loser, but she doesn’t see or know that. Do you know why she doesn’t see or know that? He has a big dick, a big ole dick.

If I want a guy, I’ll find a way to fall into his damned lap. Now where’s my Gin and tonic?

PS imagine I had said yes to this guy? Yep, he is a keeper.




When i say no

60 thoughts on “When I Say No

  1. Quite the subject. I’ve been rejected by my fair share of women. Not once did I freak on them after the dreaded “no” was passed down. I mostly got the friend zone treatment which is an entirely different subject.

    One time I was rejected by a girl in front a group of friends. That was SOOOOO incredibly embarrassing. I was hurt. I didn’t lash out at the girl though because that does absolutely nothing in the way of leaving a good lasting impression. Women these days are so sketchy of guys approaching them anyway. So, when one goes off because his pride was hurt it doesn’t help him or the person he’s flipping out on.

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  2. No one is deserving of those horrible words. The positive side is that he revealed his mean spirited side early, and you didn’t have to waste any time on him. I think that it’s unfortunate that some have a hard time distinguishing from having a big dick, to being one.

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  3. I didn’t get the “no” too often, except at breakup time anyway, because I was always waiting for the fall in the lap move. One long dance of unrequitedness was a comedy of two people both waiting for the other to make the first move Sorry you encounter so many men who can’t cope with the no. You do tell it funny though.

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  4. Ugh. I was on the escalator at my local metro station once, and a complete stranger came up and told me that we should hook up. Because I’m originally from the Midwest and polite as fuck, I kindly said, “No, thank you. I’m married.” And then he was like, “You’re fat, bitch. You don’t get to say no.” I wasn’t in therapy at that time, fortunately for him. My shrink has taught me to say no like woah, and I think if I were in that situation again, I’d firmly say, “No,” and then when he called me a fat bitch, I’d use my extra weight to toss him over the side of the escalator onto the cement floor.
    Okay, I would not actually harm him. But I might mace him. Just saying.

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  5. Oh, and for the record, I told my husband no when he first asked me out. He respected my space. For, like, a week, and then he sent flowers and was like, “Would you terribly mind if I asked again?” And I said yes, and now I’m in my happily ever after. BUT: we’d known each other since junior high, so it wasn’t like he was a stranger stalker. He was a known stalker.
    Wait. That came out wrong. But I’m going to leave it.

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  6. Finding a guy who respects NO is like finding the short straw in a hay stack with 1,000,000,000 long straws. I discovered this when i was teaching Romeo and Julie for 16 years to high school students, and we talked about Juliet saying no to Romeo on the balcony. Romeo respects her “no” but wants her so badly, he ends up marrying her the next day and then soon after kills himself when he thinks she’s dead.

    ALL the boys would say NO meant YES while most if not all of the girls said NO meant NO.

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  9. You nailed it!!! Back when I was single and tried online dating, it killed me how a man’s online profile was all about how great he was and the best guy you’ll ever meet. Ya right. Til you say no to his request for drinks. Then he sends the nasty “you’re a b*tch” response. So ridiculous!!!

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