The Three Times Laughter Is The Best Medicine

The Three Times Laughter Is The Best MedicineLately, I have heard these words many times. There are many horrible moments where laughter can ease the tension in people, and I truly think the comedians of the world should take advantage of that.

1. At the hospital. You may be at the hospital for hours, days or even months. Nothing better than joking around with your dying loved ones. They will love your ass-wiping gestures, nothing the elderly appreciate more than being reminded that they’ve lost their dignity.

2. At the funeral home, I’m so sorry for your loss, what a horrible time. If you want, you can forget your troubles because my legs go right up over my head. Look!

3. During a catastrophe of any kind. Nothing more fun than laughing at your house flying down the street during a tornado! Have a laugh, have some sex, everything will be just fine.

If you can keep laughing during these events, you are an amazing person. You may need to be medicated, but we love you anyway.

The more upsetting life can get, the more important it is to be able to laugh at it. As for my item one, my own mother was making jokes just two days before she died. Making jokes is just the strongest, most powerful thing a person can do. That is what makes you memorable.

PS ya, my legs go over my head, suuure they do.



Laughter Is The Best Medicine

23 thoughts on “The Three Times Laughter Is The Best Medicine

  1. #1 was absolutely necessary when I was in the hospital and was supposed to die. #2 was something I got in trouble for at my grandma’s funeral on the final day of the viewing because we were laughing too loud in a back room. I had been there all 3 days, it was enough! #3, I have never experienced, but I hope I could laugh at it.

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  2. In some Si-Fi story that I’ve forgotten the title and author there was a character who repeatedly referred to the gods of his culture as, “The Lords Of Cosmic Jest.” We can choose to suffer when they laugh at us, or laugh with them, because all those cute cat videos not withstanding, humans are the funnest critters on the planet.

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  3. Story: Hospitalized when I was a sophomore in high school: Appendix removed. Great pain. My roommate (older) had his tonsils removed. We had Jello cubes one night for supper. They bounced. We proceeded to bounce them, trying to get to the other’s bed. I nearly split myself open from laughter. He needed more ice cream that night. :o)

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  4. I love this Laura. You’re certainly right. Laughing is for the living. I remember joking around with my aunt while she was in palliative care awaiting her death sentence. One can never know what it’s like to be on that side of the coin until you are, but some people are just heroic and refuse to let their sentence take whatever joy is left inside them. ❀

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  5. I deal with most of the terrible crap life throws in my general direction by joking about it … It’s my coping mechanism. Humour brings a lightness to a situation that allows people to bond, to share the pain in an easier way … To create memories for those left behind and to ease the suffering of those leaving. It’s a powerful thing indeed.

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