My Reddit Story

my reddit storyIn light of my recent Stumbleupon Story, I thought I’d share my Reddit Story.

I had NO clue what was happening to my name, my blog, and my world. (Funny, when people tell me I’m dramatic, usually I argue with them, I’ll stop.) I’d written a post about rape and some woman didn’t agree with me. Gasp! I know. Instead of commenting on my blog, she went ahead and took it to Reddit. Thank you lady, that was the highest traffic I’d ever had!

Reddit changed my life. The first thing I learned is that you really need to stand behind your words. If it’s not your best work, or is a diary by nature, Reddit is going to hate you. Out loud. I realized that I had to defend the words that I said and it may go on for days! Believe the stuff you write, get ready for anything and go get an account on Reddit. Most importantly, Reddit users read so they will turn into blog followers; one of my favorite discussions came from a Reddit user.

There are two ways to get your blog seen on Reddit. My way, and the right way.

My Way – Dine and Dash

This was actually fun, tons of accounts, dine and dash and never be seen again…. I posted my blog with no “comment karma” and as a brand new user. I did this many times, it worked, I had 800 views on my Kanye West post in just a few hours.

The dine and dash plan can get you a ton of hits, provided you pick the correct subreddit and have something controversial that people will want to discuss. Did you write something on swinging? It will do AMAZING in the swingers subreddit.

To follow this stupid method, make sure you learn all the subreddits and their rules, if they don’t allow blog posts, do not post there. I can’t stress that enough, follow the rules. A great default subreddit is TwoXChromosomes, it’s filled with pissed off people.

I can get you a list of subreddits that welcome bloggers, but I can’t do everything.

The Right Way – Engage and Make Friends

I suggest that you start an account as a person who intends to involve themselves in various debates and conversations. There is a conversation on any topic imaginable and truly, if you can’t find something to get mad at, stop taking the red pill. Make friends, every single website you have to engage and create relationships.

Spend as much time as you can gaining “comment karma” by chatting with people that interest you, knitting, guns, pickles and panda bears are being discussed,Β find them, they are your crew.

Once you have some friends and a few subreddits that love you, sneak in a post and cross your fingers.

I technically do not know if this will work for you, I tended to employ the Dine and Dash method and it has gotten me several thousand quick hits.

PS I received a phone call from my genius saying that “your name is caught in some spam ring on Reddit, did you know that?”

Yes, yes, I know. Skinz is no longer welcome on Reddit.


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  1. The very first thing I posted on reddit got me banned because I didn’t read the rules (in my defence I didn’t actually know reddit even had all these little rules), I apologised profusely and they eventually unbanned me but I found it quite hard to find subreddits for my posts so I eventually just left it, was too much of a grovelling sort of place for me 😏

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  2. So, as I understand it, if one does not like arguments, trying to make themselves understood, or countering people attacking them verbally, it is not the site to use.

    Thanks for letting me know I will never be found there. I have enough issues just voicing an opinion on Yahoo stories, then fending off the idiots who pick 3 words out of 50 to focus their energies on.
    Thankee, but nah.

    I do, however, wish you the best in your use of it. πŸ™‚

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  3. Haha Reddit. The impenetrable community! I shared my post about being aware, non-judgemental and compassionate on subbereddit called mindfulness, but I got booed off. They called me narcissistic and offensive. Well, I would think they would be more mindful there :). I guess that’s Reddit for me.

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  4. I’m not going to yell at you. I’m going to say that’s kind of genius and I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest. Reddit always freaks me out for the reasons you mentioned – pissed off people. Nonetheless, it’s a great traffic source and sounds like could make for some pretty interesting drama. Thanks!

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  5. I don’t understand Reddit. I feel they’re all to interlectural…look I can’t even fucking spell that and my damn phone can’t figure out what the hell I’m trying to say. I might as well go eat a ring ding because I’m aggravated. Anyway…I went on it once and didn’t know what to do so I left.

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