Why Women Hate Sex

Why Women Hate SexOrgasms, why would she waste her time being pleasured when she could be ironing your shirts. You know good and well you don’t need to waste any time getting her off, that’s the last thing she wants. She just wants to pleasure you and go to sleep like a good girl. Hey, if you knock her up, she’ll be even happier because of the attention.

Multiple orgasms, you kidding? Who on earth wants that, she’d rather be in the kitchen doing dishes, don’t think that all that screaming with pleasure is a good thing. She’s screaming because she wants to wash the floor. A good husband doesn’t waste any time pleasuring his wife, the clitoris is the devil’s doorbell.

Women that hate sex, hate it because men don’t know what they are doing. Maybe they don’t know how to please her, or they just can’t be bothered.

Why? Because some fictional number of men have forgotten that women are capable and deserving of sex. They are deserving of orgasms, yes, yes they are.

Don’t ever let your woman forget she is an animal. Don’t ever let your woman think she is just there to pleasure you, she wants pleasure too.

The clitoris is the devil’s doorbell, but if it doesn’t answer, you can always go around back.

PS I stole the “go around back” from someone πŸ˜€

Why Women Hate Sex

138 thoughts on “Why Women Hate Sex

  1. Totally agree – but I’ve been with some women in the past that haven’t liked communicating to me what they like and don’t like – I can’t just guess! I’m no mind reader.

    That being said my wife knows what she wants and how to get it from me. I once nearly orgasmed purely by giving her head, and I say “nearly” because I had to stop myself! – Sex is f**kin awesome when you both communicate πŸ™‚

    Shout out to all men here – respect her and she will “feel” deserving of sex!

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  2. It seems like commons sense…. the more you make someone like something, the more they want it… so pleasuring someone else is definitely also in your own best interest (besides it just being plain fun!)

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  3. HA! I was hoping that the beginning was sarcasm πŸ˜‰ glad to read it till the end πŸ˜‰ YESSS for communication!!!!! Oh yeah.
    PS: I like reading ya. (most female blogs are boring to me.. sorry/not sorry, but yours isn’t.) Cheers.

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  4. Women don’t hate sex. If she doesn’t want it, it’s probably you, Buddy, and your relationship is in major trouble. The points made here are true, but it can go much deeper. “Sex starts in the kitchen, not the bedroom.” At least for married couples. If you’re not getting enough sex, you probably aren’t meeting her emotional needs outside the bedroom.

    Women need love, affection, and appreciation, like you need respect and admiration. Find out what her love language is and speak it to her. (Gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, or touch.) If you’re not sure what love language she speaks, think about how she expresses love to you. Does she good your hand? Buy you special little things? Tell you how wonderful you are? Do a chore you dislike?

    If it’s been a while, you probably let your love account get overdrawn. Listen to what she’s complaining about. You don’t spend enough time together? Never touch her unless you want sex (that’s a BIG one). Don’t tell her you appreciate her? Never take out the trash? Work to late? It may take a bit of time to build it back up, but it’ll be worth it.

    Check out the book “The Five Love Languages.” It’s an easy read and could save your sex life and relationship.

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  5. To the guys reading this blog.

    Not all the women that don’t want sex have the excuse of being married to an uncaring asshole. Ladies, If your significant other is an asshole, then you need to move on.

    My story.
    My wife and I have been best friends for about 25 years, and married for about eight years. She has little, if any desire for sex, or even to be touched. Medical, and physiological problems are at the root of the problem. She was raped twice, one of those times included kidnapping and being held prisoner in a blacked out room for three days, and gang raped. She is bi-polar and suffers severe depression, and fibromyalgia. Every time I attempt to touch her, she flinches, and gets terrified look on her face for a second. The only time I can really touch her is when she approaches me. Sex has become almost non-existent, usually months apart, and then only when she is really intoxicated.

    I know my case is extreme, but it has taught me more than I ever really wanted to know about how a womans mind works.

    Just keep in mind, if your lady is not interested in sex, there may very well be something in her past, or possible medical problems, which kills any interest she may have in sex.

    The best thing to do is simply talk to her. I mean “really” talk to her. That doesn’t mean give her a lecture, or try to solve all her problems. This means to ask simple questions, without judgment, or recriminations, and then actually….. “listen”…… to her. Not just her words. Listen to her inflections, and her body language. Listen for what she “doesn’t” say, also.

    When you see something is bothering her, take her in your arms, and just hold her. No touchy feel’y stuff. Just hold her, and keep your damned mouth shut, unless she asks you a question. Just hold her,, and and again, ” listen”! To actually be listened too, is so far up on the list of what a woman wants it shouldn’t have to even be stated. Again,,, really listen, and keep your mouth shut. One of the most common complaints I’ve ever heard, from almost all females, is that nobody seems to listen. It means more than you can ever imagine.

    The womans mind works different than a man’s. They mostly talk to express emotions.

    This is a bit crude, but a womans girly bits are directly connected to her mind. Romance her mind, and her girly bits will usually soon follow.

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    • Wonderful! I am so much like your wife…raped and I too am bi-polar (which is under control with meds). Some of the meds I take also decreases the sex drive.
      Thank you so much for posting for your wife. You are very brave ☺ man and I am glad to hear I am not the only one who suffers from this. Yes, I did say suffer because the feeling of guilt, shame, and loneliness is always hanging over my head.

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      • Thank you for the compliment. I don’t consider myself brave at all because I try to help my wife deal with her problems. I do it because I love her unconditionally, with all my heart, and with all my mind. I love her enough to deal with ANYTHING, except losing her.
        She is on meds, too, but they only partially help.

        It makes my heart absolutely break to see her suffer, but all I can do is be there for her, and keep my arms ready to wrap around her whenever she needs them.

        Personally, I think anyone who commits rape should automatically get the death penalty. Rape is something that NEVER goes away for the victim, and they suffer from it for the rest of their lives.

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  6. I think most men that don’t know what to do, is because they do not take the time to know a woman. A man must stop and think that giving is part of the pleasure he himself will feel. Only then will he know her and the mutual pleasure that makes both complete. I think giving is more important than expecting. You’d be surprised. I know….

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  7. The boy you just described is not worth marriage. If you are foolish enough to settle because of your own reasons the boys inexperience cannot be blamed. If you are not confident enough to teach the boy how to be a man you are still at fault. A true man knows how to worships his lovers body and caress every inch of her body until she demands him. If you do not have that in marriage than you have only gotten half way

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  8. I love to communicate with my man during intimacy & afterwards. I like to tell him what I liked & praise him for the things he does right that blows my mind which he does often. I also ask him what he likes and if there’s something I can do differently or something he would like to try.

    At the beginning of our relationship, he just wanted to pleasure me. When I would try to pleasure him he’d tell me to sit back and enjoy. Finally, I had to talk to him & tell him that I like it when we pleasure each other & how much I like pleasing him. When he’s turned on and getting off, it pleases me & turns me on. Stuff I disliked doing for my ex, I enjoy doing for him bc I just love him & want to pleasure him in every way he likes. He’s a great lover & the only one who’s ever been able to give me orgasm after orgasm and still have me wanting more. He tells me all the time he rather pleasure me & see me get off than get pleasured himself. So very rare!

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  9. When my best friend was 23 she was sexually abused and she’s never moved on from that were now both 50 and she hasn’t ever had sex since.

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  10. There is nothing like spending time down under of a woman, it makes for a great relationship. I find that spending time pleasuring and knowing her this way what makes it beautiful, relaxing, exciting and a way to communicate to her that she is special, desired, and sexy. I get intoxicated…..its pleasure to give her pleasure.

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    • And therein lies the key. Great sex is when your partner gets as much if not more pleasure just by bringing you pleasure. And it goes both ways! I get unbelievably turned on when I’m bringing him to the edge and back to the edge and back. It’s empowering and fulfilling and erotic as hell! And another meet is being open minded. My kids are young adults now and they say stupid shit like ewe in the ass. I just tell them your missing out on life with close minded attitudes like that. It’s your choice if you want to be close minded, just realized you are and that your closing doors to a lot of fun!

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  11. In 30 years i have had 2 long term relationships. And i have learned the reason they both lasted so long was because i have pleasured them beyond their orgasms. At the first year of our breakups they both damn near went psycho on me to the point the second one almost put me in the hospital.
    In my opinion, you must study her and rub her in that one spot where when you are giving her pleasure she will damn near pull your hair out as she is moaning with great pleasure.

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    • Totally agree…that is my experience with my lady. I paint with my tongue on her clitoris, and other parts and she goes crazy…like the doors open and watch out. I love the experience and its amazing how we both feel. Some men I have talked to can say the same. I say you don’t know what you are missing. I guess am blessed, I am 67 and to experience this with her 58 is Wow baby!


  12. Having experienced life as a fertile woman and now, as a post menopausal women, I can say there is a huge difference in what drives the sex urge at different points in your life. It is very easy to take hormones for granted while there are plenty of pheromones in the air attracting sperm for our eggs, but when there are no eggs left, it gets a little harder (or not!!!!πŸ˜€) There is little point, from nature’s point of view, in sperm wasting time courting women of a certain age. If we are lucky enough to have a loyal partner when the rampant, animalistic, desires of fertile youth give way to the changes of later years, the sex is different. It’s slower, less frantic and somehow connects us on a deeper emotional level. That may not be everyone’s experience, but it has been ours and we both agree we could not have sustained the kind or urgency our lovemaking had when we were younger. It is still wonderful but in a different way.

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  13. I have the greatest partner ever. Orgasms? Yes. Multiple? Yes. Clit? Yes. Back door? Absolutely – even when the front door opens. Why? Cuz we both prefer it. πŸ˜‰ Best man ever.

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  14. Well sorry to say but then you didnt get sex from the right man. Sex is awesome if the man knows what he is doing…..it is heaven…..and no I dont want to wash dishers I wanna secreem at the top of my head…..yes….yes….yes!!!!! We deserve to feel this much pleasure a zillion of times its fantastic….you should try it….you dont know what you missing….but you sound like a bitter,shamefull single woman….dont give up…

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    • Wow i think you are projecting your bitterness and unhappyness on S&S she didnt say anything wrong she used humor to remind use not to be selfish lovers.
      Most of here seem to agree the best sexy we ever had was when we cared more about giving than receving. But what ever go back to uour mother basement and look at your sears bra ads and please yourself since you only want to please yourself

      Sorry S&S for this post but that really pissed me off beceause you are an a amazing woman who shouldn’t be spoken to like that clearly he/she/IT hasnt bother to reas your blog and get to know the wondeful/beautiful human that i have.

      So IT fu hiding behind a anon post sad sad sad lil thing u r


  15. I clicked this link in pinterest hoping you had some hopeful information… but was disappointed. My boyfriend can give me orgasm after orgasm, soaking the bed, once he convinces me to have sex. But I never crave them. I never initiate. I dread it.

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  16. I know you didnt ask but have you thought about talking to a therapist. Most people dont want to but this sounds like something a therapist would be great helping you thru and it sounds like you like your bf or SO. I know i was one who thought it was stupid but i found they really help you work thru stuff you didnt even know was there.
    Just outting it out there I am in no way saying you are crazy just maybe there is a deeper problem that is causing the issue.

    Some times you might have to try a few therapist to find the rught fit for you i know i do better with women vers men. And it takes a few sessions to get comfortable and for them to know you also.

    Self help books are golden also. maybe even more so.

    Just, dont tell the me of four years ago that I said that because he will not be leave me. πŸ˜‰


  17. I’d drink a small mug of Belgian Strong Dark Ale to this, because I don’t get much pleasure from sex unless the woman I’m with enjoys it more than I do.

    I’m pretty sure that more than 90 percent of my pleasure comes from her pleasure. If I can’t please the woman I’m with, I might as well be celibate and move to Mount Athos to escape the torture and temptation to escape my attraction to women I can’t please as much as I want to.

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  18. I totally agree with the gentleman. A man must be 90% about pleasuring the woman. That brings myself the biggest pleasure and turn-on I will ever experience. To feel her, touch her and just sense everything about her is amazing to me. It’s great to know there is a few men out there that think and feel this way. I am glad I am one of them.

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  19. Haha… Have to admit at first I was dubious as to where this was going but you nailed it! Luckily my man is adept at bringing to light the elusive female orgasm… But he is one of only two men ever to be bothered to take the time!! Perfect post ❀

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  20. I hate sex because I don’t reach any type of orgasm. Ever. I’ve never had an orgasm from penetration. Oral sex used to work but now it takes so long that I get annoyed and ask him to stop. It’s nothing but frustration. My husband wants to try but I’ve lost interest. I end up most times just laying there waiting for it to end. I’m tense, bitter, and avoid it as much as possible. I don’t even think I’m capable of getting aroused anymore. As you can imagine it’s doing wonders for my marriage.

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      • Oh shit emergency intervention here:

        Do NOT under any circumstances get that “female viagra” stuff. Pushed under the drug name Addyi, the only reason why it actually passed was because the FDA was accused of being sexist the first time it rejected the pill for the numerous side effects.

        First: on average the actual benefit of Addyi is approximately one half of an orgasm extra per month. Not joking.

        Secondly, and more importantly: you can’t have alcohol while taking the pill, because doing so causes loss of consciousness and memory. Aka, Addyi is basically a date rape drug.

        In short: please, for the love of God don’t get that drug.

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    • I should get paid for this one…1) tell him he is not allowed to touch/look at you, 2) he has to masturbate while you are watching but pretend you are not there (watch him at an angle or with his eyes covered), 3) if you get hot touch yourself without him knowing while he is masturbating, think about a guy that gets your juices flowing (ahum don’t tell your husband…ever)… Good luck!


  21. It’s funny I found this as hubby and I just had a sex talk last night! After 2 kids (the youngest is only 1) my sex drive has plummeted, not to mention my self-esteem with the jiggly belly etc. Hubby wanted to try something I wasn’t comfortable with and I got upset thinking he was bored with me and that he wouldn’t believe that I still loved him/wanted him/fancied him but I just don’t… ‘switch on’ automatically anymore. I know I married the right one because he just hugged me and told me how much he loved me for me, and that he was only suggesting something new for fun and he still fancied me. We ended up having a spontaneous session trying something new (just not what he suggested) and it was awesome. He really made me feel beautiful and wanted. A surefire turn-on! xx #stayclassymama

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  22. Well women do like sex much,much more than men even those who we think don’t likeit at all.. The only problem they have is getting that spark that will light them up.


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