What To Do If Your Newborn Is Really Ugly

What To Do If Your Newborn Is Really Ugly1Wow, if you Googled that and got here, I feel really sorry for you. Do you think your little darling is ugly? Are they all wrinkled and red?

Hell man, all newborn babies are ugly. They were just squished down a three-inch wide tube. Are they three inches wide? No, they are not, so of course they look like shit. Have a look at the woman who sprung the thing, she doesn’t look that great either, does she?

Give it a day. If you haven’t fallen in love with this baby on the first day, you will on the second. I promise.

For those that say “God doesn’t make ugly babies”, I wrote this for you: God Doesn’t Make Babies.


What To Do If Your Newborn Is Really Ugly





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  1. The baby has just been through the major trauma of birth, so it’s probably suffering from PTSD. Give it a break. But, most parents are blinded by love and think that wrinkly little thing is the most beautiful sight in the world.

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  2. All of my children came out fat. 😀 I don’t see how people say “Oh, he/she looks like so and so!” They look like swollen little red blobs of joy to me when they come out. 😀

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