Maybe Children Aren’t Innocent After All

Maybe Children Aren't Innocent
If you believe in reincarnation, then you agree that a baby could be the reincarnation of a very evilΒ person. This child could be a reincarnated serial killer, rapist or worse. We think babies are innocent, but who actually knows!

Your baby could be a reincarnated Hitler. No, no, not YOUR baby, your baby is a reincarnated Princess Diana, I know that!

Imagine your baby is the reincarnated Princess Diana, see there, I fixed it!

If there is an evil person on this planet having children, I hope they are reincarnated evil….

***coughs… Karla Homolka.

Tell me, do you believe in reincarnation? Do educate me πŸ™‚

PS enjoy the nightmares. πŸ™‚



Maybe Children Aren't Innocent After All




45 thoughts on “Maybe Children Aren’t Innocent After All

  1. “I don’t believe in reincarnation”, I say, while looking suspiciously at my kid after she just started yelling maniacally about a toy that I took away….Yeah….Good way to keep me awake at night πŸ˜›

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  2. If reincarnation takes place, I think there would be some kind of reset involved, too. There would be (are?) those who slip through the cracks and actually remember things that happened in the previous version, but most would be mind wiped. This is how the newborns would still start innocent. It’s not until they see how those around them not only act, but how they treat the child that they have all too much proclivity to get back to the “muscle memory(?)” of happenings from before.

    Oh, the stories that could be written on the topic… πŸ˜€

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  3. oooh, deep thought, you could also link this too the Catholic idea of “original sin” and us all being born evil… I think the idea of reincarnation though is that if you’re evil you come back as a dog, or a bee or something, so maybe all babies are good and their environment corrupts them, and maybe the next time you get stung by an overaggressive wasp it’s actually Hitler!

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  4. when my half brother was born I had always thought he was his grandfather. they never met grandfathers passing just before his birth if memory serves…
    it’s not like they are that exact person. i have always believed that there are things we all need to learn in life and what we don’t learn in a lifetime, the next one will emphasize that lesson more, whether you are human or not.
    i think that’s how people have their own “common sense” in them. like some are “born hunters” or have a gift with numbers, that gift is a past life showing through.

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  7. I’ve read stories where parents of teens who shoot up their schools killing other children will say they have no idea why it happened because their child is so perfect, so wonderful.

    Then there’s this: Psychopaths, Children, and Evil

    Studies now show that there is a psychopath gene/genes and it is inheritable. If so, does that mean the psycho gene waits until a child’s 18th birthday before it switches on and turns the psychopath on so the child is innocent from birth to the day before the 18th birthday?

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  8. I believe but I think the whole idea behind it is to come back as better people.. Maybe… Who the hell knows after this post?? Lol.. Now I’m just a little creeped out and every baby I see I’ll be watching how they wave, like is it a real wave or a Hilter salute wave… Now I need to go read something to get my mind off this post..

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  11. I must admit I never thought about it really but now I’m slightly freaked out although I believe in karma so it would be unlikely my kids were evil teeincarnations as I’m such a nice person πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‰ thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

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  12. I believe in reincarnation but havent considered about it being done through an evil baby. it makes me shudder but then there are some evil children out there such as Jamie Bulgers killers, they were only like 10 when they did it. Ben is pure smiles and joy though so thank god he isnt an evil one! #stayclassymama

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