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Your Comment Is Being Moderated!It’s pretty rare that I talk about blogging or my experiences with it, mainly because its super boring, but I’ve had a few comments lately and I want to address the whole issue.

My first year of blogging meant that whenever I was notified that someone had left a comment, I would be anxious and upset. I was fearful of reading how much I sucked and shouldn’t be writing. I had heard that enough in my real life that reading it from strangers would have hurt.

It doesn’t work that way. For every negative comment, I’ve had fifteen others that were positive. Just like my real life, one in fifteen hate me, it’s perfect!!

So now, I’ve stopped censoring my readers. When I started, I deleted a bunch of comments and I regret it. If you leave up the haters, your audience will jump in and fight for you. It’s really fun to see but I notice a lot of blogs have their comments moderated.

Chicken shits, the lot of you.

I’m mostly kidding, but if I’m reading a blog post and someone is ripping the writerΒ a new asshole, I don’t want to be moderated. I want to jump in and defend, like many of my readers have done for me.

I am open for shit disturbing at 9 AM. I enjoy it, if you need me to help fight something, I’m in!! Some may say I’m pretty good at it too.



57 thoughts on “Your Comment Is Being Moderated!

  1. Actually, it is not that we like to moderate comments. For me, it is because that is the default setting, and I couldn’t be bothered to remove it. It’s just about being lazy. The only comments I actually delete are spam comments with dubious web links.

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  2. I have it set where the first comment is moderated – just for me to make sure they are a real person, and then after that it’s game on.

    The only time I deleted comments was a blogger that spilled really disgusting hatred on my blog. And it wasn’t even specific or relevant to my posts. I couldn’t stand to see that on my blog. She has been set to spam on so many bloggers I know!

    BUT, I encourage debate and disagreement on my blog and have asked people to call me out on my shit. Which they do, and I love the dialogue that happens on my blog as a result. Especially when friends stick up for me!

    I can’t stand when all comments are moderated, all the time. I often stop commenting.

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      • No one yelled at me about my swingers posts (they were actually rather popular). Or any of my “men I’ve slept with” insanity. Or when me and my blogger boyfriend publicly broke up with each other and I said shitty things on my blog.

        Interestingly, fellow bloggers didn’t like it when I suggested many lie in various forms to make themselves seem more interesting πŸ˜€

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      • Who doesn’t lie to make themselves more interesting? I can just imagine my blog if I wrote the honest truth everyday – woke up(just), went to work, came home, sat in pyjamas, slept. Thrilling stuff…

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  3. Yeah I’ve got the same opinion! I’m all up for shutting down a hater. They’re rare on my site. If they dare make a peep, all hell breaks loose and I just sit back and watch the fray while laughing into my whiskey! 😈

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  4. I’m so there!!! I even am moderated on Pinterest!?!?!?? 😈. Keep πŸ‘† the good work. I am there for you…. Defending….. ☺… Rock on, we single women have to defend each other… Against “happily marrieds” (Who discovered their significant other on Ashley Madison… Or the coworker… Did I say that? I have been married and cheated on. I believe in having babies as a choice. I don’t believe women should be chastised for not wanting them. I /we wanted one. She is newlywed. πŸ’•. I told her to stand her ground with boundaries. I will debate over work relationships ( not a good idea)…after an 8 year relationship that ended in August. We can debate the ex wife of my former boyfriend.. Who was still an adultress. Still trying to get him back. I sent him home. We can discuss verbal abuse and accusations and stonewalling and silent treatment. Been there.. Same guy… Coworker…he is 57. But the verbal abuse was wicked and scarred ME. I am free. I am single. And I 😍 the feeling I had of liberation πŸ—½ when I sent him home. Freedom is OK. Single is πŸ‘Œ. It means we have choices. We are not to be pitied. Thanks for the space… To let ME vent. Cyber hugs!!

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  5. Oddly enough the only hater I had was my sister. I could have openly exposed her, but instead I pitied her. Not openly, just in my heart.

    Trolls are to be ignored. Debaters? I love a debate, especially when people are giving and backing up their arguments. How are we ever going to change all the hate in this world if we don’t shut-up and listen and learn? Everybody has a voice on my blog. Even my sister.

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  6. So far, I’ve had to delete 4 comments in 3 years. There were a few advertisers that missed the spam filters.

    The first comment is in moderation, but once I’ve checked out the site and found that the reply is from a real person, s/he’s cleared for further comments.

    To say that people should not moderate comments is like telling people they should allow the barroom brawl to continue on their well-manicured lawn while they’re trying to have a birthday party for 5 year olds.

    Without a doubt, I’ve made my share of mistakes and I’m certain that someone has filtered me out somewhere in cyberspace. Each blog is different, each blogger with different values. I respect their right to decide if and how much moderation is too much, but as a sign of respect for what you expect from your readers I’ll be a bit confrontational. πŸ™‚

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  7. At my place, the first comment gets sent to moderation, and I always say nice-to-meet-you-and-thanks-for-stopping-by in some shape or another, so that gives it my stamp of approval. Frankly, the only reason the very first comment goes to moderation is that’s the WP default, and I don’t know how or care enough to change it. From then on, I’m reading comments for the first time “live and on the air,” just like everybody else, S&S. Hey, I like it when commenters end up having strings of conversation between themselves at my place. Mi casa es su casa. Talking about life is what it’s about, anyway.

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  8. Ugh, I am trying to get the guts up to stop moderating. I launched a kickstarter last year and got like 50 rape threats and would find myself sitting in a corner rocking back and forth contemplating how someone could threaten to anally rape someone to death with their kickstarter idea….it was for a travel accessory if you were wondering. (very controversial) So yea, baby steps with the online presence as a female

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