Do Vegans Kill Mosquitoes?

Do Vegans Kill MosquitoesI assume that vegans allow the mosquitoes to bite them, they ignore the urge to slaughter their disgusting little bodies. They think “oh, look at their cute little faces, adorable.” It doesn’t hurt a vegan when mosquitoes bite them. Oh hey, I just plasteredΒ Mr. Mosquito all over my arm. I left his family and friends bereaved. I felt nothing.

Do vegans realize that we are not enslaving the bees, they make the honey whether we eat it or not. We don’t have tiny bee whips and chains and force them to make honey for us. We tried, it was a dismal, embarrassing failure.

Will a vegan allow a dog to bite their children in the face? Or will they boot that dog into next week?

Look, I’m not participating in “Pick On A Vegan” Day, but there really seems to be a fine line between what is allowed and what isn’t. I would love to be further enlightened by those who wish to do so, if you have a reason to be vegan…. give it over.

PS, don’t tell me you think rats in your laundry room are cute.. don’t even try.


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  1. Not a vegan, but…the honey they make isn’t for them and by keeping them in commercial colonies, we are sort of enslaving them, as well as leaving then more vulnerable to parasites and colony collapse disorder which affects commercial hives on a much higher rate than wild hives. Also, the dairy industry has been known to be pretty abusive to cows. The chicken industry crushes male chics or suffocates them in plastic bags. That said…I eat dairy, I eat honey, I occasionally eat meat. I just get why people don’t. But Fuck soy.

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  2. I get where you’re coming from. I have a vegan friend and the first time she told me she doesn’t eat honey I was speechless. Like… honey? Really? Are you sure? (I’m a bit of an addict to honey so this came as a shock to me)

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  3. Since they downgraded planet Vega to an asteroid, pick on a Vegan day has lost some of its sparkle for me. I get tired of chasing the ones residing on Earth – they are surprisingly speedy in a pale, lethargic shuffling sort of a way so I tend to pick off a stray fruitarian that can’t sustain the pace of the herd and then hurl unsubstantiated theories at them until the meat sweats force me to lie down.

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  4. I know, right?
    I wonder this kinda stuff, too! Like those Buddhist monks who don’t kill anything — what is the proper response to strep-carrying fire ants in one’s coffee??? Must I attempt to rescue them and allow them to bite me?

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  5. Darling deeply disturbed is my favorite character flaw. Absolutely perfect. We have a semi practicing vegan engaged into family. I did ask “if an eggplant has feelings do I need to put to asleep before harvesting”

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  7. Excellent write. You gave me a few smiles here, I enjoyed it. I do have one question though …. why do we say mosquitoes “bite” when in fact they “stab” or “pierce” ? πŸ™‚

    ps- thanks for following my blog!

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  8. I used to have a pet rat and they’re smart and awesome and yes, cute πŸ™‚
    I understand some logic of a vegan, but other thoughts get borderline ridiculous. I especially hate when they’re pushy and try to shame me during thanksgiving time. I’m eating turkey and that’s that!

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  9. Hey! Stop pickin’ on me! Just kidding – pick away πŸ™‚ I am not a vegan – I hate labels anyway (although they are helpful on things like medicines, chemicals and clothes). I am one of those picky crazy people we can’t stand (yes me too, they annoy the crap out of me!) But seriously, why do I want to drink milk from a cow? I haven’t needed human milk since I got teeth so why would I need milk from an animal now? And it gave me bad skin (blotchy face and huge boils like acne). Oh yuk. I miss cheese but not the pus filled spots for sure. My skin finally changed when I gave up dairy.

    And meat? Could never stand it from when I was old enough to say just give me a carrot. The difference between me and a ‘vegan’ is, I don’t lecture others or moan about what they eat/wear/drink. I could not care less what you do. But it is hard to hide being a ‘different kind of consumer’ even if you try and whisper your order to the waiter when out with a crowd.

    I find it really annoying when people notice my different choices and decide to make a big issue of it when I just want to quietly live my life. I may not be eating what you are eating but I do enjoy the company – until some kind soul decides to announce loudly to the assembled gathering that they have discovered a rabbit sitting at the table. πŸ™‚

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    • aw, I never thought of your side, because yes, meat eaters can be just as bad. πŸ™‚

      Also, I do not drink milk either. Disgusting. I haven’t had milk in my house in years. I also don’t eat much red meat, it upsets my stomach bad. I don’t eat honey haha.

      Thanks for your comments!!


  10. A true vegan is allowed to kill mosquitoes, but it has to be done humanely. You can’t kill them slowly or cruelly like some folks do. Lol

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  11. I am not a vegan but i don’t kill them. I grab them as gently as i can by their wee wings and place them on my wife whether she’s asleep or not. she might kill them…i just don’t ask. I still eat meat, but only good meat. Mosquitoes feed bats and spiders whom i do like. Circle of life until/if we get the Zika breed, then… slap and die mosquito.

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  12. LOL

    All vegans don’t become vegans because they refuse to hurt or eat anything that lives. Some of us vegans do it for health reasons. I’ve been a vegan since 1982. I’m a former Marine, a Vietnam Vet,and I have a big safe at home loaded with rifles, shotguns and pistols along with boxes of ammo. I have a vast collection of knives off all different sizes, and I not only squash misquotes, I go after flies, cockroaches, crickets, spiders, snakes, etc.

    I’m even willing to eat crickets. Crickets aren’t the same as chickens, turkeys, beef, pork, lamb. Crickets aren’t meat. I’m just waiting for the EXO price to come down first.

    EXO bars are all natural, dairy free, gluten free, paleo-friendly, soy free and they come with 10 grams of really healthy protein that doesn’t come from animal products. Crickets aren’t animals or fish.

    In fact, if any of my meat eating friends want to go hunting for deer, bear, birds, I’m more than willing to join them, but any game I shoot, they eat, not me. And since I live near an open space that comes with mice, rats, snakes, etc. I’ve promised friends that if any rattlers stray into my yard, I’ll call the friend to come and get the meat after I’ve dispatched the viper.

    In fact, if they issued legal hunting licenses to go after anyone named Donald Trump, I’d be the first in line. So there is such a thing as a bloodthirsty vegan, at last one I know of, me. :o)

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  14. I do have a reason for being vegan, it’s called Earthlings or any other undercover slaughterhouse footage that’s widely available on YouTube. But hey, let’s all joke about bashing live and defenseless animals over the head with baseball bats like they do in a slaughterhouse and compare it to “putting an eggplant to sleep”! πŸ™‚


    • There are several other reasons for living a vegan lifestyle.

      1. It’s easier for the body to assimilate plant vs animal proteins. The more energy a body uses to digest complex foods, the lower your immune system loses its ability to defend your body … and you from a disease.

      2. to digest and assimilate calcium from milk, the body has to leach calcium out of your bones. A large, long-term study in the UK with thousands of nurses discovered that people that relied on milk for their calcium had more brittle bones and fractures later in life than people that relied on green leafy vegetables as their major source of calcium.

      3. If everyone stopped eating meat, there’d be enough cropland to grow food for everyone on the planet even if the population doubled from 8 billion to 16 billion.

      4. raising huge herds of animals for meat consumption, uses fresh water we don’t have. As it is, almost one billion people do not have access to safe water.

      5. reputable research shows that vegans live longer (by a few years on average) and are healthier during that lifetime. For instance, I’m 72 and have been a vegan since 1982 and I haven’t had a common cold or the annual flue since I transitioned to a healthy vegan lifestyle. I also take no prescribed medications because I have no lifestyle diseases causing me unbearable pains and diseases from an animal-based lifestyle. We all will die one day, but I want to live the years I have left healthy as possible.

      This is a short list. I could go on.


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