Abortion – No, It’s Not For Everyone


This topic is controversial as hell, so I put on my ex-husband’s balls. Still have em, keep em in a bag.

Let’s talk about the disgusting displays, the billboards depicting the broken bodies of aborted infants. It’s very graphic, it’s very disturbing, and yes, it’s what abortion looks like. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry you refuse to allow these little bodies to rest in peace. I’m sorry that you are exploiting their pain, their parent’s sadness and things that really, you know nothing about. That picture of that baby?? Whose baby is that? You don’t have a clue why she chose to have an abortion, and you have no business being part of what was likely the most excruciating decision of her life. And to have that thrown back at her, on a billboard, while she’s just driving down the street with the children she does have, is a sickening, horrible and sad betrayal.

The majority of women don’t take abortion lightly. The women I know who have chosen to have an abortion have immediately freaked out and started bawling the instant they admitted it. They went on to justify the most horrendous decision in their lives…. to me. It was none of my business. She didn’t have to justify her choice to me.

The idea of her driving down a street and seeing these images breaks my f*cking heart.

It’s hard enough to make the choice, but Christ, who needs this revolting reminder slammed down their throat.

Be kind, you have absolutely no clue why people have made this choice. If you can’t be kind, think about what the hell is wrong with you, and get back to me.

Abortion - No It's Not For Everyone

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  1. Absolutely agree – I’m very much pro-choice. Abortion is a personal decision and it should not be decided by anyone other than the person who is pregnant. It’s not up to the state or any individual to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her own body.

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