Abortion – No, It’s Not For Everyone


This topic is controversial as hell, so I put on my ex-husband’s balls. Still have em, keep em in a bag.

Let’s talk about the disgusting displays, the billboards depicting the broken bodies of aborted infants. It’s very graphic, it’s very disturbing, and yes, it’s what abortion looks like. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry you refuse to allow these little bodies to rest in peace. I’m sorry that you are exploiting their pain, their parent’s sadness and things that really, you know nothing about. That picture of that baby?? Whose baby is that? You don’t have a clue why she chose to have an abortion, and you have no business being part of what was likely the most excruciating decision of her life. And to have that thrown back at her, on a billboard, while she’s just driving down the street with the children she does have, is a sickening, horrible and sad betrayal.

The majority of women don’t take abortion lightly. The women I know who have chosen to have an abortion have immediately freaked out and started bawling the instant they admitted it. They went on to justify the most horrendous decision in their lives…. to me. It was none of my business. She didn’t have to justify her choice to me.

The idea of her driving down a street and seeing these images breaks my f*cking heart.

It’s hard enough to make the choice, but Christ, who needs this revolting reminder slammed down their throat.

Be kind, you have absolutely no clue why people have made this choice. If you can’t be kind, think about what the hell is wrong with you, and get back to me.

Abortion - No It's Not For Everyone

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  1. This post took an angle I wasn’t expecting! Provoked some surprising thoughts out of me though!!
    The feeling behind this post, is the very reason it is so hard for the women that have had an abortion to ever talk about their pain from that decision. Without saying a word, the criticism is shoved into our face almost daily from the world around us. I do think that the truth about abortion needs to be told, needs to be shown to the woman that are facing that decision…. but, maybe there’s a better way of going about it. After all, the current one is obviously not working.

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  2. I know a few who have done this, and each regret it. While I don’t like the billboards, it’s more because I don’t want my kids asking and needing to know about this. I don’t actually “feel bad” for those who may have done it and regretted it. It was a choice…and they need to understand and deal with it. There are other options, other choices.

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  3. Years ago in driver’s education, I saw a film about the consequences of the mistakes made by drivers. This was long before movies were routinely gruesome, so you can imagine how hard it hit us. Included were a bloody high-speed crash and what was left of a truck driver when he tried to beat a train across the tracks. There were a lot of kids sick from watching it, but in later years many of us agreed that the information made us better drivers.

    In my lifetime I’ve known several women who wouldn’t go on birth control (even if it was just a condom) but thought nothing about going in for their 5th abortion. They approached it with the same amount of forethought as I give to taking out the garbage. That kind of recklessness reminds me of a person who wrecks their sports car for the 5th time, hitting another driver, and can’t understand why people are so upset.

    Actions have consequences and I believe in informed choice.

    Sometimes that information is painful to see. If the only way to present it where people can see what abortion looks like is on billboards, it’s not the optimal method, but until parents and schools show these images when educating children about it the information has to get out somehow.

    I believe, quite strongly, that the only ones who should have a say in an abortion are a woman and her doctor. But I would expect that both would approach it with a heavy heart and some common sense.

    Lest you think I don’t have a right to judge, I live with the consequences of my own actions as a 20 year old who could have made a different choice. With no information available about it, I did not approach my decision with a heavy heart or common sense. My actions devastated a man’s life, one who would have taken his responsibilities seriously. No woman should have to learn the consequences of her actions that way.

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    • Yes, I also know a woman who has no problem using abortion as easily as I use kleenex. And yes, I hope she has a problem with the billboards, but most, hopefully, aren’t that way.

      And I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I hope at least you weren’t alone.

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    • Sorry but I doubt any woman would have the resources or wherewithal to afford one abortion let alone FIVE. I also doubt that a woman would get pregnant five times as easily as you make it out to be. Driving erratically leads to more accidents than unprotected sex at a woman’s most fertile time would ever lead to pregnancy.

      Seeing how judgemental you are I doubt anyone would seriously tell you if they had an abortion.

      And if you weren’t able to make an informed choice that’s not the other women’s fault, so punishing them for a society that makes it as difficult as possible for women to protect themselves from getting pregnant all the while making abortion services as difficult to obtain as possible is far beyond cruel and unusual. Mmkay?

      Also a woman controlling her body does not ‘devastate a man’s life’. If you do believe that then I suspect that the issues at stake here are about MORE than just what you are telling us. That still should not translate into a need to have control over someone else’ body. Just like the outcome for YOUR decisions do NOT give you the right to judge anyone else’ decision over THEIR body.

      Do you seriously think that all women have access to condoms? For some poor women affording a pack of condoms means the difference between having food on the table or starving (and considering that MOST women who have abortions already have children it isn’t just themselves that would starve). Or do you seriously think that poor women should be forced into further debt by being forced to give birth and raise or adopt out the child which is far more prohibitively expensive than even having an abortion (and that’s not including taking time off work, mmkay)? Do you REALLY think poor women should be punished for having sex when they couldn’t even afford a condom?


      • Yes, I knew of 2 women who had more than 5 abortions. In the mid 1970’s there were states where abortions were done for the”health” (mental health) of the mother and there was a psychiatrist who routinely approved them.

        Informed choice is important. There are many people who will still walk into a doctor’s office and have an abortion without a micron of guilt, but there are a few who would consider the other alternatives first.

        Regarding access to condoms. There are free condom locations. All you have to have is a library, free internet, and google and you can find them.

        I think that having unprotected sex provides its own punishment and it’s not up to me to decide the Karma of another person. I’ve made enough mistakes in my life and have enough Karma of my own.


      • Since I can’t reply to FloridaBorne I’ll have to reply to him here.

        I’ve always heard about these mythical places people like him like to talk about where you can get free condoms but I have YET to see ONE of them able to prove there’s one on every corner which would be necessary for A. a woman to avoid having to take time off work (which, if he has also conveniently forgotten, I have also told him before costs a woman more than just time) to use the library computer then TRAVEL to the free condom provider because it is NOT on every corner or B. for a poor woman to avoid being accused of wasting her time instead of working by such nosy busybodies as he himself has already proven himself to be. FINALLY even IF this is true condoms are the least effective form of synthetic birth control. Oops? PS. Why is it the WOMAN’S responsibility to always look after the birth control? Especially since it is anti choice men like yourself always complain about how it’s the man’s DNA so they should get some say right up until you’re given that VERY OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO that leads me to understand that this is ALL about just controlling the woman. Oops.

        My final point on this matter is that you missed it entirely. See there’s only a THIRTY PERCENT CHANCE that a woman will become pregnant even on her most fertile day WITHOUT any form of birth control. THAT is why I doubt his mealymouthed anecdotes. OOPS.

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  4. Whilst I support abortion I have very little simpathy for those who embark reckless activities. I thing that unprotected sex is one of them. Not only it leads to unwanted pregnancies but it also leads to illnesses and lots of not-so-good things. I know a lot of people who think nothing of sleeping with random strangers and using none or next to none protection. I don’t think that’s responsible. If you want to have unprotected sex.. well… that’s up to you but I think that most people don’t quite understand what’s at stake and that’s really sad.
    That said, everyone has their own story and a right to decide.

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  5. Because they consider it killing, and they can’t stand by and watch it any more than they could watch the Jews march into the ovens. I have a friend who goes berserk and marches on Washington and stuff. I wish he wasn’t such a fanatic, but I wish a lot of things.

    Me, I discovered a long time ago that it wasn’t a fight worth having. Ultrasounds have dropped the number of abortions way more that a billboard ever could, and Hollywood actors having kids out of wedlock has dropped it even more.

    The recent videos about planned parenthood drove some disgusting practices into the daylight and we’ll see some changes from that, too.

    Some people need to understand when they’re winning – and why. That the practice is legal here and the rates are dropping, and that getting most of what you want is a pretty good compromise.

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    • No it’s not because they think it’s killing. If they did they would make organ donations mandatory. They don’t because illegal abortion is just about controlling women.

      Also Nazis were anti-choice for a REASON. Because they viewed Jews as less than human just as anti-choicers view women as less than human. Both Nazis and anti-choicers viewed their respective group as someone who shouldn’t have equal rights. In the case of Nazis they believed Jews shouldn’t have ANY of the rights that Germans had. In the case of anti-choicers they believe women shouldn’t have the same right to control who uses their body and when and how it is used as men do. In the case of Nazis they viewed Germans as superior to Jews. And in the case of anti-choicers they view the foetus as superior to the woman. Simple as that.

      Finally, no, the recent videos about Planned Parenthood have proven nothing ‘disgusting’ about Planned Parenthood. Every one of the videos has proven to be a bowdlerized fake. But thanks for proving that anti-choicers simply want to make sure that women always have fewer rights than everyone else, especially a foetus. See, the opposition to foetal tissue donation drives home the point that only women can be forced to donate/share organs. Oops.


  6. None of the women I’ve known who had one took it lightly at all – I have heard of women using abortion instead of birth control, but I think they are the few, rather than the many. A great post – in the end, the choice should lie with the woman who has to make it and no-one else. And when the choice is made, safe procedure options should be available for all.

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  7. A very thought provoking post. Freedom of choice is paramount as far as I’m concerned. Sure, there are probably women who make poor choices or treat the ability to have an abortion very lightly but I think it’s the overwhelming minority. Sadly intolerance and lack of compassion are growth industries – especially when you throw religion into the mix in my experience.

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  8. Being Catholic I have been subjected to these images since as long as I can remember. Why anyone would feel that the exploitation of the baby and the mother and the father this way is disgusting. Their justification would be ‘If they cared they wouldn’t have had an abortion’ but maybe they cared enough to.

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  9. National Institutes of Health, Medline Plus Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary (2013), http://www.merriamwebster.com/medlineplus/fertilization

    The government’s own definition attests to the fact that life begins at fertilization. According to the National Institutes of Health, “fertilization” is the process of union of two gametes (i.e., ovum and sperm) “whereby the somatic chromosome number is restored and the development of a new individual is initiated.”

    Steven Ertelt”Undisputed Scientific Fact: Human Life Begins at Conception, or Fertilization” LifeNews.com 11/18/13

    I think some women choose abortion because they are told it’s not a baby, it’s a “product of conception.”
    I think the billboards, as graphic and awful as they are, highlight the fact that abortion is murder. Most everyone agrees that murder is wrong, yet so many women have abortions. They need to realize they are committing murder.
    The argument about having “safe” abortions is a fallacy, as we have seen time and again, with clinics killing the women, not only the babies.
    The videos from Planned Parenthood are also showing the gruesome truth that they are in the killing business for profit, not out of any concern for women, and their health.


  10. I actually volunteered at an inner city Women’s Health Clinic. They provided all sorts of glorious, life-saving, absolutely essential and routine heath care. And yes, they also provided abortions (which I’d argue should be included in my previous list.) Women would sob hysterically for hours before they went back and then after they came out. Not because they regretted their decision. They hated being put in a position where abortion was necessary. Not one single woman I met during my time there took this procedure lightly, and hand to God, not a single fucking one of them was using it as a birth control method because they were too lazy to use a condom or the pill.
    Seriously, people. This is HARD for women. Be compassionate. It’s not that goddamn difficult to be a nice person to someone who was backed into a corner and made what she honestly believed to be the best choice for her situation.

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  11. Absolutely any time.
    BTW, all y’all who say that abortion is murder and that Planned Parenthood is the organizational equivalent of Hitler, my question is this: What are YOU doing to offer real sex education, free condoms, easy access to contraceptives, etc.? Because THAT’s what stops abortions. Not billboards.
    You want to reduce abortions? Reduce unwanted pregnancies. Remove the stigma surrounding sex, allow people to feel comfortable using contraceptives, make sure prophylactics are available to all people of all socioeconomic classes, and BAM! You’ve got yourself a solution.
    PP does all of this. Yes, for 3% of its services, it provides SAFE and LEGAL abortions. But how about we look at the 97% of AWESOMENESS they are doing? Because THAT statistic shows how dedicated they are to stopping abortions.
    *Steps off soapbox. Takes deep breath. Goes back to blogging about Muppets and Jessica Fletcher.*

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  12. Thank you so much for putting on your “ex-husbands balls” and writing this. It takes a great deal of courage for a woman to consider her options and to choose to have an abortion and it took courage for you to write about it.

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  13. Excellent point. I think if the puerile holding the signs and terrorizing these women would come forward and try to understand. It’s a Christian idea to help others not crucify them. There are few pro life people who mention adoption, isn’t that strange? Freedom of choice includes your body.

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  14. I believe many women deal with abortion in their own personal way. No one has the right to judge their decision.

    However, in a democratic society everyone has a right to voice their opinion but respect must be given by both sides.

    As long as the abortion law is in place, people will line up on both sides of the debate voicing their opinions.

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  15. I agree with a woman’s right to choose. I don’t think showing huge billboards with aborted and mutilated fetuses prevents anyone from getting an abortion the same way warning labels on cigarettes stop no one from smoking. I think unwanted children are one of the top problems in our society. An unwanted pregnancy should be stopped before conception. Its not that hard people! I know there are those single digit % of fail rates of some birth control even when used correctly but come on I’ve been in a sexually active relationship for 11 years and have NEVER even had a pregnancy scare. Why? Because I know I’m not ready for children and I treat taking birth control like a diabetic treats insulin lol. we are sooooo overpopulated!

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  16. First of all, I love how you still have your husband’s balls😁😁😁 Thank you for being brave to write this post. America is a country where we can write about this stuff. Some people protest and that’s their right and some people are pro choice and that’s their right. We are not here to convince each other to change our position.
    Those billboards etc are disgusting and wrong. Have your say but don’t shove your views down my throat especially in that manner. And as far as being catholic, it is a man made religion. God loves all. Pope Francis said and I quote: “If you are a good person you will go to heaven and you don’t have to go to church every Sunday. ”
    Also I know several women who had abortions in their 20s bc they made mistakes and none of them cried. They knew they could not raise a child and didn’t choose adoption either.
    The Pope just today said the church welcomes all women who had abortions and they are forgiven. Fight for your beliefs, but respect others to do the same too.

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    • I have his balls because he has my air conditioner, that was the deal!!!!

      Actually, funny story, when I had something difficult to do, he would tell me to put my balls on. I always said ok, then give them to me!!! He would LOVE that I’m still using this 12 years later, I know he would. 🙂

      And the posters are gross, that is someone’s someone, and they don’t deserve to be exploited for some dried up bitches propaganda.

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  17. Ok one more thing, it is easy to say use a condom, take a pill etc. But the front of the brain that controls reasoning is not fully developed until 26. So young college, especially drunk kids are not going to listen, just like when they don’t listen to don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t date bad boys, don’t don’t dont…..
    Older people also don’t always think right.
    So good for those of you who are fckn perfect and never had a pregnancy scare, you’re not the norm, so have a little compassion for other women. Hey skinny and single you got me going on this post…ok I’m done. 😧

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  18. Its our jobs as a society and especially parents to make sure our kids DO have the tools for prevention. I know I’m almost 30 but still too stupid to remember to take a pill everyday so I use the nuvaring which is once monthy. If that’s too much to remember there is also the depo shot which is for 3 months and IUDs which are for years! My mom put me on birth control at 14 and I didnt even have a boyfriend until I was almost 19. I will do the same if I have a daughter or just lock her in the basment till age 25 lol

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  19. Oh, oh. Here I go. A real Christian man’s opinion…I value life. Life of all sorts. I’m not feeling too sorry for the unwed mothers who are, “backed into a corner” as an earlier post says. Planned parenthood has been there for free birth control pills, you should have used those first and not abortion as birth control, as another earlier post stated that most of the women at her clinic didn’t use abortion as birth control, the mere reason she was AT the clinic for an abortion, proves it was for birth control as she didn’t prevent it in the first place. Abortion is murder, there is NO other way around it.

    Yes, people use abortion because the baby they didn’t have out of love is inconveniencing them. Boo hoo! I had 2 children out of wedlock (before I was saved by Christ), but never considered abortion because I don’t believe in murder (thou shalt not kill) even before I became saved, I still knew it was wrong to kill (or steal or lie etc). I paid my child support for 18 years for 1 child that I didn’t even know the mother very well and 15 years for the child that I stayed married to for 3 years and have a relationship with both. (Don’t get down on me for my sins, this is about abortion). Anyway, I encouraged both mothers to have the babies and I would pay my part, (child support, visitation on weekends, school clothes and whatever they needed). Yeah, some mothers won’t be that lucky, but the point is, keep your legs closed or take the pill if you’re not ready for a bundle of joy. A baby comes by mistake? Your mistake, not the baby’s! You don’t want to be killed for no reason, why would you kill an innocent child? And don’t give me that bull that it’s not a child yet til it’s born. That is an evil cop-out used by liars. It is your shame and something you have to pay for with God. He created your child, wonderfully in your womb, take care of the miracle that God blessed you with.

    Adoption is also an option and there are many places that take babies for free, without you having to go through the anguish and later guilt of killing the thing that you and God made. Jesus will forgive you, but it’s too bad you chose that route and that many others think it’s “okay” to kill a child because it can’t speak for itself and because you don’t want the inconvenience. Did YOU want to be aborted so that you were never born? Or are you enjoying life, having sex for fun and you don’t want to pay the penalty? Instead, a little baby has to pay your price. It’s a shame. An earlier poster didn’t want to explain the billboards of aborted children to their children. I don’t suppose that you tell them about God/Jesus either, but I hope you will. Yes, the billboards are ugly, but it’s a good way to wake the world up. If you don’t see it, you won’t talk about it except in hushed tones. Your kids are learning A LOT of evil from television, even the cartoons you think are safe, google them, they’re not. The last Minions movie was about the minions finding a new boss by “accidentally killing” all their other ones. Great movie for kids! But, it’s all in cartoon, so it’s ok, right?

    This world has got to get real! Babies are babies, just small humans with souls, formed by God. I wouldn’t dare touch his work with a hanger, vacuum/suction, scalpel, scissors to the neck and other maniacal ways they kill your baby. How many mothers name their baby before it comes out? 99%. Why, would they do that? It’s just unfeeling tissue, right? Because they FEEL like it’s a baby already …unless it’s an inconvenience, then it’s just tissue. Ask Jesus to forgive you, and kill no more of God’s creations.


    • Truly, I would give anything to just quietly delete your post, but I don’t like being censored and I don’t do that to other people.

      First off, I don’t follow your “Lord” and I don’t follow your “Jesus”.

      Babies are not “Formed by God”. Babies are the result of the repeated duplicating of cells. This is a scientific process, not a gift from your “Lord”.

      As well, I have already stated that we KNOW THEY ARE BABIES. We don’t think of them as insignificant, and not one person on this thread has said that. Plus, birth control is NOT 100% and never has been.

      Good on you for taking care of the children that you had before you were “saved”.

      And yes, as I’ve heard many times, you may go ahead and pray for my soul. So many are.

      Thank you for reading, and for your valuable opinion.

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    • Didn’t Jesus also say something about not divorcing your wife? Or was that God? Can’t remember. Anyway. Pretty sure you’re going strrrrraight to hell mate.

      I also wonder if your highly judgemental, and bigoted post was a way to absolve your heinous crimes against the sacriment of Marriage.

      Didn’t Jesus also say something about “He who is without sin cast the first stone…” Yep. Hell you go my friend!

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    • I’m hesitant to listen to the opinions of a man who will never have to go through pregnancy, or deciding to terminate one. Of course you didn’t consider abortion, it’s not your right to. Women who do choose adoption have to go through carrying a child to term, all the bodily changes that come with it and then (from what I’ve seen) will battle depression afterwards. Sounds thrilling.

      Once you have to go through these things I’ll maybe consider your opinion valid. Until then you shouldn’t speak on matters you have no business in.

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  20. I was that poster who worked at a clinic.
    As much as I would love to think it was as simple as you describe it (get birth control and then you don’t need an abortion, and if you do get pregnant, then just have the baby, because, at the very least, adoption is an option), life is NOT black and white, and that is an idealistic scenario, not a realistic one.
    I’ve seen women get abortions because their spouse/parent/partner/etc is forcing them to by withholding basic life needs. I’ve seen women get abortions because their spouse is abusive and they didn’t want their child to grow up in an unsafe environment. I’ve seen women get abortions because they’ve developed conditions which makes it extremely dangerous for them to carry to term.
    I’ve seen SO many scenarios where these women a) got pregnant because they wanted a child and then things changed horribly or b) got pregnant because they have little control over their sexual situation.
    These situations are not an “inconvenience.” These situations are DANGEROUS, and as a result, carrying to full term for an adoption is not a realistic option.
    But regardless of WHY the woman has an abortion, it is her right. And if you want to judge her for that, fine, go ahead. But I can’t imagine that your judgement of these women is going to change much.
    If you want to change the situation, donate to domestic abuse shelters. Stop advocating stupid billboards and ultrasounds and instead ask your legislator to implement policies that empower women. Ask for affordable housing, free education, truly safe safe houses, discrete access to free contraceptives, better public transportation, etc. Build a solid foundation where women aren’t required to rely on their parents or partner for opportunities. Build a solid environment where abuse is not ignored or tolerated.
    THAT is how you change the world. Not by posting grotesque pictures to make you feel better in your judgement.

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    • It’s almost as if you didn’t even comprehend my post. Hmmm. A real mother or father for that matter would be willing to die for their child, so don’t give me that it may, sometimes, be a DANGEROUS situation. I would run into a fire to save my child (or any person) as I value ALL life, not just the ones I know and are close to me. I’m also ex-Air Force. I would have died for any of you 320 million people, even if it was just one child. If you wouldn’t take a bullet for me or anyone else, that is the free will we’ve been given so that we are not automatons. When you love everyone so much that you are willing to die for them, even a child, then respond.

      Yes, it is, “black or white”. Kill or not kill. 1 of 2 choices. Even for those in bad environments, adoption was an “out” for them. No one said keep the baby, just don’t have it clinically murdered.

      Once again, I am NOT the judge. God is.

      Abuse wasn’t the issue here, but since you wrote about it, I’ll comment. Abuse cannot equal love, so the lack of love from the abusive person is the problem. I feel sorry for those who pick partners that can’t love them (or probably anyone), but it does take 2 people to be in an abusive relationship. I know you’ll say, “it’s not that easy, but I say the abusive person should get out. Move across country or anything but commit murder because they are being abused. If someone beat me up every day and at the end of it told me to kill someone or he’d be back the next day, I would take the beating. I guess you wouldn’t understand that kind of courage or non-self love, but I hope one day you will. Back to God though, Jesus put up with quite a bit to die for our sins, we merely have to ask for his forgiveness and forget all the abuse and hate we’ve all been through.


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  22. Well said! I thank God I never had to make that choice. I don’t know what I would have done – I know it would have crushed my heart. Any woman who has gone through this agony, regardless of their final choice, deserves a medal for “courage under fire”. Thank you for posting this.

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  23. Thank you for supporting choice. It’s not the choice for everyone, but it’s a lifesaving choice for many. And often, those images are not actual abortions, you know, but manipulated images exploited because they’re graphic to prove a point about a completely unrelated topic. Talk about exploitation.

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  24. I tried for two years to get pregnant and when I finally did, I miscarried at 10 weeks. Every time I hear someone say a fetus is not a baby it makes me sick. Gut wrenching, make me nauseous, physically ill, my heart is breaking, sick. While I do feel sympathetic for women who have chosen to have an abortion and are then forced to see images like that, how many times do those same women feel sorry for me? How many times do they think about my feelings when they say “it’s not a baby” or “it doesn’t matter, it’s not even alive”? Where the hell was my “choice”? I apologize for not being able to see both sides of the fence; I’m too busy mourning the loss of my child.

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  25. Might be a little late on the draw here…but I have a couple of quick things to mention.
    1) I don’t understand why it’s ok to parade dead babies on billboards? If they have the right to be alive, don’t they deserve to be respected even in death? Wtf is wrong with people that we can take advantage of a precious babe by plastering it for people to see on their drive to work.
    2) I’m really hoping that every person who is pro-life is also anti-gun; if not the hypocrisy would be overwhelming.

    I am a liberal Canadian who has access to abortion through my publicaly funded health care system. Whether I have or haven’t had one is a personal experience much like the parent of the child whose child is dead and plastered on a f$&@ing billboard.

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  26. I am one of those women. It was one of the most painful times in my life. Not a day goes by in the past thirty years that I don’t think about it. I live with regret and sorrow every single day. I have two precious sons now, but I still live with a hole in my heart and hate what I did. Your post was very point on. I appreciate your perspective. Some days it is easier than others, but that pain will never go away. I have learned to live and deal with it. Those billboards are hard to handle, but I made the choice and I have to live with consequences of my actions. There are a lot of judgemental people out there, who may not have done what I did, but they still sin and make wrong choices. The constant reminders are my prison, so yes, I am punished everyday. I may be alive, but a part of me is dead. I cannot undo what was done and I cannot bring my baby back. All I can do is learn from my mistakes and try to be a better person. I have raised two beautiful boys and they are my pride and joys. I have been there for them and did the best I could to provide them with a loving and stable environment.

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  27. You’re so right. It breaks my heart thinking about all of the women who get slammed for having to make that difficult choice, as if it wasn’t hard enough without all the judging.

    I recently got into an debate with someone taking the religious side of it, and they really wouldn’t open their mind to all of the potential reasons why an abortion would be considered, such as rape, disease or horrific deformation that would be no quality of life.

    Really grinds my gears.

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  29. This gets me right in the throat. I like everyone else have an opinion on abortion, but until I am in the position to have make that choice what the hell do I know? Jesus, the decision is hard enough. Lay the hell off!

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  30. Yeah real ‘Christian’ of you to provide a ‘right to life’ for fetuses but not women since you conveniently will never be forced to risk YOUR life with the fourth deadliest medical condition for WOMEN worldwide as a man.

    No those billboards are NOT presenting the truth. Most of those pictures are of fetuses from WANTED pregnancies gone very wrong. Because the pregnancy was terminated at a much later stage of fetal development. Oops.

    Finally just because heart surgery is good doesn’t mean I want to SEE it. Kthxbainow.

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  32. I totally agree with you! We shouldn’t sit in judgement of women who’ve had an abortion. In some cases, (perhaps many?) the women wanted to keep the child but were intimidated or left totally abandoned by the “men” in their lives. I also think our culture has been totally brainwashed to believe that if you’re single and not having the ultimate orgasm on a daily basis, there’s something wrong with you and you can’t be a happy person. NEWSFLASH: You don’t have to have regular sex to be happy..hell, you don’t have to have sex at all and you can still be a very happy person.
    Thanks, Mike

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  33. I am against abortion but do agree with you that they should stop posting the body parts of the dead babies and such. It is exploitation of the deceased person and sad to see.

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  34. Thanks for your post. I believe women often have them to escape dreadful men who have raped them, abused them, or would certainly make their lives and the life of that child a potential hell. Why doubly harm her with those images? Why make her sadder about a sad choice? Why remind her of how she isn’t loved and cared for in this world herself at that moment in time? Every woman would prefer to have a healthy body and a healthy relationship at the time of pregnancy. It just doesn’t work out that way for some As an NDEer, I did not experience God as a punishing God at all.

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  35. You’re absolutely right – no one has the right to judge a woman whether she has an abortion or not, or has billboard-sized pictures of her operation plastered all over town (or even in one place). It’s her body and her life, and she can talk it over with her doctor, but she’s smart enough to know that it is her decision. I certainly have no claim to telling her what to do, not being the father, being a man, and not able to give birth. My country (just south of yours) has the biggest bunch of wacko moron hypocrites on this subject that I ever would have imagined. They’re concerned with one thing and one thing only, and any other rational, reasonable or carefully considered opinion regarding abortion is ignored. It’s sickening what they’ve done to discourage a woman’s right to choose; with that, the decision to get an abortion can be very hard to make and living with it later can be very hard to live with. It’s not a decision taken lightly – but these moralistic asses make it seem like it’s a typical Tuesday afternoon outing. It makes me sick. Leave it to the people that it affects, and comfort those who need it, and support all who make their decision.

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  36. I hate pro life people. How would they like to be raped and be forced to keep that child. How can they love it? Everyday they see that child would be a constant reminder of the hell they went through. If people would mind their fucking business and worry about their own lives and not everyone else, life would be an awesome place; however, if there weren’t so many assholes in this world, people like you and I would be writing about 17 different ways to serve a cocktail frank.

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  39. Defenseless babies being torn to pieces can’t be justified to humans who have empathy… only selfish narcissists will identify with your cause.


    • I’ll tell my fourteen year old daughter you said that. I’m sure she’d love to hear it after already discovering her life has been ruined.

      Not everyone is a selfish narcissist, maybe open your mind.


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