I Miss Lipstick!!

I Miss Lipstick!!I’ve not worn any make up in about two months, I stopped because my mascara dried out and I didn’t want to shell out the five bucks. That was all I wore at the time, mascara and eyeliner.

I stopped wearing foundation, lipstick and eye shadow a few years ago. I stopped because I decided I looked better without it. Eventually I felt unhappy when I was wearing it, I felt tucked into a corset, I felt stuck to a mirror. Is my make up perfect? Better check, check again, and check and check and check.

Same as when I had long nails, I can grow the most beautiful nails. The instant I decide to grow them, they take over my life, and they consume me. It’s all I think about, again, and add that to my make up and I’m the most vain person on earth. I can grow some kick ass, sexy nails though, bitches be jealous!

I miss the makeup, the up-dos, and the long nails. I miss the dresses, skirts and silk. I miss the lipstick, the pedicures and the haircuts. Dammit, I miss walking into a mall and spending five hundred bucks on clothes, shoes and purses.

I miss being pretty.

Lucky for me, pretty gets a girlΒ nowhere. You need a brain, logic and street smarts. Where do you buy that? You don’t.

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38 thoughts on “I Miss Lipstick!!

  1. Pretty on the inside is most important… I have met many beautiful women, but their conceit and arrogance ruined them. Beauty is only skin deep! πŸ‘‘

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  2. “I miss being pretty.”

    I’ve always thought being pretty might open a few more doors, but you had to have “what it takes” to stay IN once that door opened – and looks alone never do that.

    I also think if a girl smiles back at you, she immediately goes up a few points on the scale, and if she can carry her end of a conversation, she goes up a few more. A smart, interesting six becomes a ten much faster than a vapid nine ever could.

    And confidence is ALWAYS sexy. That includes self confidence. “Survivor” is a TV show but a lot of no-makeup-wearing, no-bath-taking women come off as very interesting on that show, and not just because they’re in bikinis half the time.

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  3. I stopped wearing makeup years ago because it was a pain to wash off and I’m lazy. Lip gloss and I’m good to go πŸ™‚

    I still shop though. More than I should. Dressing is a creative expression for me.

    Pretty may get you in the door but it doesn’t keep you there and it doesn’t last. Smart is forever πŸ™‚

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      • My Dad passed away with Lewy Body DEMENTIA… One of the worst and most devastating types of this wicked disease. I pray you never get it. I Hope they find a cure soon. This was in 2012.

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      • oh no, I’m so sorry to read that. My best girlfriend’s dad is going through some stuff too. So scary what can happen as you age. If you are lucky enough to get old, it sure isn’t glamorous. 😦 Hugs.


      • Thanks for the cyber hugs!!! I appreciate them!! Yes, Old age is not for the faint of heart. πŸ˜” πŸ˜” πŸ˜” πŸ˜”. I always try to look at the bright side


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  4. The last time I wore makeup was about 4 years ago. The picture with it on was worse that a picture without it. There is something freeing about being at an age where you say, “screw it, if they don’t like the real me, I don’t need them.” πŸ™‚

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  5. I also don’t do the “make up thing.” The way I go look at night is the same way I look in the morning. No surprises. Because of my lack of makeup my 16 yr old also doesn’t wear any. I have told her she can choose…I know her friends all do. But, she is comfortable with who she is, without it. She feels it’s unnecessary. I love that confidence.

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  6. So you aren’t like the Real Housewives of Miami then! πŸ˜€ Caught a glimpse of that the other day and was astounded. (It scares me that stupid people here may judge the whole of US womankind on that show!) Really enjoyed your post because the same thing has happened to me re makeup. I have never been one of the ‘pretty girls’ but tried my best! Mascara was my constant friend. I wouldn’t even answer the door to the mail man if I didn’t have that on. I wore makeup even if I wasn’t going out that day. But something has happened in later life and I don’t put makeup on every day. I occasionally go out without it as well. I can see a day coming when I won’t wear it at all. You are so right, a brain, logic and street smarts are the real deal and cannot be taught. A face may lie with a bit of makeup but there is no camouflage for an empty head!

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  7. So many elements go into making a woman beautiful, SandS, and makeup is way down the list, I think. Attitude, confidence, chemistry … OK, presentation, too, I’ll give you that. I bet you do rock those nails and lipstick when you choose, SandS.

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  8. Make up can be fun, but it can definitely depend on the reasons why you wear it. I’ve never felt able to wear bold lipstick because I just don’t feel comfortable in it. I wish I did, but at the same time you’re right that it’s not the make up that matters. #weekendblogshare

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  9. Why do people say that the first impression is the most important? That’s ’cause you’ve gotta make yourself pretty! But pretty only lasts for a couple of minutes, and brains, for a lifetime.


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