All I Can Do Is Love Him – Yano?

I have a few friends at the beginning stages of new love as well as friends that are old hats.

I have friends that have been single so long that I worried they had grown mean (like me), yet, in the last year or so, many of them have jumped heart first into love. I see these people and it excites me that their goofy smiles are so readily available and their love for their new person is out loud and proud. They have thrilled me with their cuteness and how they have included children, dogs and cats into their relationships. Now that is a future in the making.

I also love to see people who are in long-term relationships. People who post things like “So and so has been gone all week, man, I’d be nowhere without my so and so.” I love to see my friends having hotdogs on their seventh anniversary. I love seeing them going to beaches, setting up professional, beautiful and wonderous photos of their love to share with everyone.

What is prettier? Well, the beginning of love is very pretty, everyone showers, dresses well and stays home when they are sick. Actual love isn’t very pretty, you are wiping asses and noses and that’s just your grandma!

For better or for worse.

For better: Everything is going well, we have money to spare, our children are healthy, happy and strong.

For worse: Someone is sick, someone is depending on you, someone is thanking God that you know them well enough to get things done. You have stepped up and you are taking care of the person that you love. You are fighting and crying and getting stuff done.

All I can do is love him – yano?

What is prettier?


54 comments on “All I Can Do Is Love Him – Yano?

  1. So true. Wonderfully written. XO

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  2. Just your grandma- haha!! Real, deep love may not be pretty, but it’s beautiful. Nothing can beat it.

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  3. floridaborne says:

    Excellent. Truer words about love have not been written: “Actual love isn’t very pretty.”

    But in its own stalwart way, it can be beautiful.

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  4. I think actual love is prettier. It’s been tried and tested by life and you know you they will be there when it counts. New love is superficially pretty because it can go either way—it’s great fun and excitement, but at the back of your mind you wonder if they’ll be there in the hard times.

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  5. The Anxious Dragon says:

    Hi, great post. I have tagged you in my 11 things about me post I hope you will join in x

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  6. madilynquinn01 says:

    One of my favorite things is seeing older couples walking hand n hand, being cute as could be. Love that weathers the times is the better if the two, I think. New love is oft times sticky, delusional. Eh.

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  7. abbiegrrl says:

    Yes. I am blessed with That Man. I’ve had several of that OTHER kind, and I’ve also been alone. I’m not gonna let this one go, and because he IS That Man, he tells me the same thing with great enthusiasm.
    P.S. We found each other in our 40’s.

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  8. Katie says:

    Love isn’t easy, but it’s sure as hell worth it. Love this, and you lady!

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  9. Becky, Cuddle Fairy says:

    Early love is glitzy & glamorous – big smiles, new outfits but love over time changes & no it’s not always pretty. There are arguments & stressful times, but it’s a more real love of lifelong companionship. Lovely post hun #snotallaboutyou x

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  10. Am here from the MidLifeLuv Linky party – wow – I remembered to say that for once! Great piece. Much as I love the ‘new love’ stage when you polish EVERYTHING twice, shave all the shaveable surfaces of your body, hold gas in until it hurts, only wear pristine underwear and NEVER have bad moods around him, the only worthwhile love is the honest kind that comes with time. If two people can see each other at the worst times and still be deeply in love – that is worth having. I finally found it in mid-life after two failed marriages and it was SO worth waiting for. Thanks for this lovely piece – really well written.

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  11. ecbettis says:

    Aw very nice! Early love is fun and sometimes I miss it, but I wouldn’t trade what I have for anything! True love perseveres through all and is worth it, no matter what.

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  12. lorirensink says:

    This is a beautiful depiction of the stages of love.

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  13. lovely post – such wise words and have definitely experienced this. Thanks for linking up #snotallaboutyou

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  14. stuckinscared says:

    Beautiful post! … Real.

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  15. Love is all there is. That is all.

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  16. I have a cousin who married his high school sweetheart about a year after high school and they have five kids together. They are still very much in love and very happy, even with all those kids! They are what I aspire to have some day so to me, real love may not be pretty but it’s so beautiful!

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  17. I love love! Sometimes it isn’t pretty – but it’s always magic.

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  18. Carin Harris says:

    My hubs and I are at 23 years. Ugh that seems like so long! We hate each other, we love each other – what is the difference at this point. There is nobody I’d rather be with in sickness or health.

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  19. Gilly says:

    Second reading – almost a year on with lots of ‘un-pretty’ stuff happening in that year with elderly parents – and you know what – you just do it, because yes, real loves involves doing whatever is needed even if it isn’t pretty. Watching the gradual decline of loved ones is bittersweet. That is the price of loving and being loved I guess.

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