I’m Allowed To Be Single, You Aren’t

Dating,  single life, meeting menI like to see people in couples, when they are holding hands and laughing together.

I like to see people in couples, when they are dancing and he spins her around.

I like to see people in couples, when she’s calling him a bastard in the Home Depot.

I like to see people in couples, it makes me smile.

When I see young and single people, I want to fix them up. When I see middle aged people, same thing. People are just happier in relationships.

Except me. I’m broken, broken but awesome.


21 thoughts on “I’m Allowed To Be Single, You Aren’t

  1. My sister was married a few years. She found out after 7 years that she much preferred a dog, a few cats, and a place of her own. It’s been hard for her at times, but in the course of her life she’s always felt it was the right decision. I, on the other hand, prefer male companionship as long as he likes dogs and cats. πŸ™‚

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  2. The Home Depot is not safe from my shenanigans nor I from my wife ignoring me and walking quickly in the other direction, feigning that perhaps I’m married instead to someone, anyone, else. : ) Great post! (And it’s already been said, so I won’t beat the same drum, but remember what Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast said, “If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.” : )

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  3. You are most definitely not broken… You’ve probably have been through crap like all of us πŸ™‚ whether you end up with your soulmate or not, as long as you’re happy you have achieved a goal that many wish to have:)

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  4. It’s true. Some people really are happier in relationships. In fact they were ‘built’ that way. Having to always be with someone.

    You are not broken! Don’t be silly. You’ll find the one!

    (It’s Jon. He’s married but it’s OK! LOL)

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