When No One Loves You

When No One Loves You

This is a terrible feeling of desperation and grief.

I picture an elderly lady in an old age home, forgotten by her children and friends. Alone she sits, for days on end, hoping that her child will visit.

They never do.

I picture a child reaching for a mommy too busy to share a hug and a laugh with him.

I picture an animal, chained up with no food. A guard animal, not a pet and never loved.

An unanswered phone, a forgotten letter, an ignored knock on the door.

Are you guilty of this? Are you guilty of ignoring your elderly parents, children and animals?

Or do you feel like this, unloved, unwanted and forgotten?

And which is worse?

By the way, you can’t forget me. I won’t allow it, I will never be unloved, ignored or forgotten. If I have these feelings, I reach out to others. There are always people who need someone.

If I smile at someone, they smile back. What is better than that? Absolutely nothing.

When No One Loves You



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  1. Accidentally came by your blog, read an article briefly, then stopped. I like you and the way you express thoughts. Count me in as a follower.

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  2. Question: Should we first ask the person if we can give him or her a hug? (This might be especially true if the hugee — the person to be hugged — is a child?) Are there rules for hugging? Are side hugs preferred by most people? Or does that depend on the sexes of the huggers? Just wondering. No doubt this will incite a lot of discussion. And how do people feel about air kisses? (Personally, they strike me as pretentious.)

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