Duggar Me Another Hole

No words. Ok, some words, but most of them I don’t use on my blog.

What is sexy about a four year old? Isn’t his daughter around four now?

I’m sick and sad for those girls. No one has even mentioned THEM.

My opinion based on news reports about an alleged molestation.


18 thoughts on “Duggar Me Another Hole

  1. I haven’t seen the report. I tried to google the story and you wouldn’t believe the trash that came up. That sickens me, too.

    All I can tell you is that these types of men get away with it a lot. People will believe a “well respected gentleman” over a 4 year old, even though the chances of a 4 year old lying about it are almost nil.

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  2. Uggh! “Everybody makes mistakes…nobody’s perfect…blah, blah, blah…” This isn’t just a mistake, this is a traumatizing event in five little girls’ lives! The effects of which will last FOREVER!

    I imagine the girls are not being mentioned in order to protect their identity. I hope? They have enough on their plates to deal with without the bleeping publicity.


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  3. It’s driving me crazy that he keeps saying he made mistakes. Crime! You committed a crime! Actually several crimes. He should be jailed along with his parents and the youngest of the Duggar kids should be taken by CPS. Makes me ill.

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  4. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I can tell you the cover-up & hushing up is quite common. For a lot of reasons.

    I really hate how this is being characterized, though. It’s not a “mistake”. It’s not “normal” teenage sexual exploration. It’s a crime. & a sickness that by all accounts he never really got help for. Sexual offenders are the hardest to rehabilitate. A couple of months of hard labor isn’t going to cut it.

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