Five Ways You Know You’ve Been Alone For Too Long

Five Ways1. You can carry a freezer up the stairs by yourself because you have to.

2. You can climb on the roof and adjust the satellite, repair some shingles and why not fix the bricks on the chimney?

3. You have sweatpants for every day of the week and sexy tights for Saturdays.

4. You stop flirting, start making true friends and real connections. Some with other women and their spouses, people bake stuff for you!!!

5. You walk into your own home and think “This place is so pretty, it’s exactly perfect for me.”

That’s when you know, you have truly evolved.

I have cats too, lots and lots of cats.





Five Ways You Know You've Been Alone For Too Long

102 comments on “Five Ways You Know You’ve Been Alone For Too Long

  1. I love your blog’s tag line. Sometimes I stress about being single and in my 20’s!😛 Also, having a perfectly decorated apartment exactly how I like it is really nice. After living with an ex boyfriend who liked his condo decorated like a Medieval Times Castle, my apartment is spring themed with florals and butterflies aplenty!🙂

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  2. That’s what I miss most about my single days – having my space the way I wanted it! I’m not great at compromise when it comes to interior design, it must be said.🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up with Friday Frivolity this week too!

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