Oh No, What Have I Done – Volume Two

Have you ever been so exhausted that you find yourself sleeping in an abnormal location? Perhaps you just popped into the local McDonald’s for a snack, perhaps it was super warm in there, perhaps you worked a long shift. Out cold, just because you ordered a coffee doesn’t mean you can stay awake, does it? People fall asleep in weird places all the time, at the wheel, on the toilet, at a table in their local McDonald’s….

Badda-boom!! Have a look at Hamilton, Ontario’s finest citizens. I am certainly proud to be a part of this great nation today!!! You didn’t know that Hamilton was home to the fastest drive thru in the world? Where have you been? It’s all here in this glorious story of today’s youth.

From the Hamilton Spectator

“They may have taken down the video, but two Hamilton men who filmed themselves throwing a half-eaten cheeseburger and a drink at an unsuspecting sleeping man in a McDonald’s can only wish it will be forgotten.

Nothing is ever truly gone from the Internet and in this latest example of social media backfire, thousands of people have chimed in to shame the men for the stunt which, based on their laughter, was presumably supposed to be funny.”

I’m sad.

Firstly, I’m sad that an elderly man has to work such long hours that he’s asleep in a McDonald’s.

Secondly, I’m sad that this man was startled awake by a shocking cold shower of Fruitopia.

Finally, I’m sad that I’m too big a person to go and find these boys and bash their heads together.

I’m sad.

I can’t talk now, I have to go carve my initials into the Colosseum, I’m cool that way.

Edited to add the above video, it  was sent by “someone” who left it in the comments. I could care less about any “copyright” laws regarding the video, oh please, come get me. Here is a prior post on internet safety.


A face only his mother could love.


25 thoughts on “Oh No, What Have I Done – Volume Two

  1. I really don’t like mean people like these “boys”.

    I am horrible about falling asleep in places…
    …sadly most of them happen during my weekly meetings at work.

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  2. The site wouldn’t allow me access, so I couldn’t get any information.

    There are so many kind and decent people in the world, but all it takes are a few a-holes to make people wonder if the human race is worth saving.

    Hopefully, those boys were able to do a little cooling off in the slammer. 🙂

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  3. I wonder how funny it would be if someone showered them with Fruitopia! Things like this makes me so sad & aggravated. Why don’t people stop & think anymore.. That’s really sad, I hope they get kicked between the legs. Karma isn’t friendly.

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  4. Wow. That’s pretty sad and disgusting behaviour. Not the falling asleep business. The pouring of drink on man. I would’ve lost my shit man.

    The good ol’ HAMMER. Ontario REPRESENT 😉 hahahah

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    • sickening, and not once would I think you meant the sleeping fella :)These guys have started to screw with my faith in humanity. The guy with the normal haircut is a father, what has the world come to?


  5. My Father is 80 years young and falls asleep pretty much anywhere ~ so many things could have transpired because of this assault and I do consider this act assault ~

    The man resting his eyes could have awoken and had heart failure ~ anything is possible and this is why this hurts my heart.

    Very good read Skinnyandsingle ~ you nailed it on the head!

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  6. I often wonder, why do these people so lack compassion and empathy that they don’t see a hard-working person who accidentally feel asleep in public because they were so tired, but instead see a target, someone to abuse. I have to assume they’d be ok if someone did that to them…probably not. It’s never right to hurt others. So sad. 😦
    Hope you can find time to drop by the Blog Party http://yadadarcyyada.com/2015/03/17/march-madness-spring-fling-blog-party/ and share your amazing blog with others. 🙂

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  7. Aww…you’re so sweet. You’re sad. (No, really, I’m sad, too.) But I’m completely and utterly pissed off. I absolutely cannot tolerate this stuff. *sigh* Sometimes, I hate this world. Then I get over it and hate parts of it.

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