Mother – She Will Never Again

Mom - She Will Never AgainMy mother passed away in 2004 and latelyΒ I’m thinking about her constantly. It is like I’ve suddenly, just now, realized that she isn’t coming back.

She will never again snap at me for not brushing my hair before coming into the restaurant.

She will never again snap at me for not washing my windows.

She will never again snap at me.

She will never again smack me for being hilariously inappropriate.

She will never again clap her hand over her mouth to cover her loud laughter.

She will never again laugh at me.

She will never again tell me that I’m just like my father.

She will never again tell me that I’m doing OK as a mother.

She will never again.




51 thoughts on “Mother – She Will Never Again

  1. Losing my parents is something I worry about so much more now that I am about to turn 40 and they are in their late 60’s….I am sorry that this is hitting your so hard right now. Prayers…

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  2. Found you at Austin’s place and thought I’d check out your blog.

    I lost my mother in 1993, my father in 1985 and my 2nd husband (my kids father) in 1983. It helps to have pictures to remember them by and sometimes a memory will trigger a tear for the very reasons you’ve outlined.

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  3. Funny, i thought I’d commented on this post ages ago…Iv’e read and shared it so many times, and never tire of it.
    I must have meant to comment, and then forgot…but thought I had…as you do.

    Anyway, it’s a beautiful post Laura, one of my favorites…a lovely tribute to your Mum x

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  4. Sorry you are finding it hard. I still have my parents (late 80s) but find the long ago deaths of other close family members seem to get more painful as I get older. Sounds like you had a playful relationship with your mum though – even if she did smack you for being inappropriate. Made me smile.

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