Other Forces Undress Me

Other Forces Undress MeHey, hey, it’s the excuse of the day! Tell your husband or wife that when you are caught cheating next week. I’m kidding, I’m sure no one is cheating on anyone. Well, except maybe that guy, he keeps looking at my ass.

“Nice, eh buddy? Move along now.”

Back to the “other forces undressing me” (not with their eyes, silly.) I have honestly felt this, something so meant to be, it’s so right, that clothes just melt away. One minute you are fully clothed and the next well, your bra is in the backyard and your panties are on the ceiling fan! (Nicely done, by the way, jealous.) I need a ceiling fan, they’re pretty handy.

If you can find the man that makes your clothes fall off, don’t necessarily cling to him, that may scare him away. Just be kind, charming, adorable, and 1950’s wife like, and you’re golden.

“Would you like your slippers and a beer?”

Just do it once, and then never again.


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