Holy Crap Is That What I Look Like?

Holy Crap Is That What I Look Like?Awesome, caught a glance of myself in the mirror just now. I look a hundred and fifty years old. I’ve aged, a lot, it’s bad. (I didn’t throw up though, good sign.)

Then I realized I’m still sexy, funny and adorable. Just like the rest of the broads around here.

I may be single, but I’m surrounded by fun and awesome people. We have a great time, I hope you have good friends in your life.



29 thoughts on “Holy Crap Is That What I Look Like?

  1. I too often gag a bit when I catch a glimpse of my pre-showered, post-workout self. But hell, that’s what soap and makeup are for. And when that stops working, they’re always be wine. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the good read.

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  2. I like this post! It reminds me of all the times my sister & I have looked at others “our age” and thought “Is this what we look like”. Then we both look at one another and say “no way”. We are “way hotter”. LOL

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  3. Just wait a few more years. I caught a glimpse of me in a window reflection and thought who is that ancient woman. However, sexy is as sexy does. I’ve learned that my beauty comes from within. As long as I feel alive, lovely, and juicy I am all those things.

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  4. I love the way you bounce back. When I see my reflection and think “who’s that short, fat, old person”, then realize it’s me, it takes me a little while to get over the shock. That’s when I truly hold onto the thought that beauty comes from within.:)

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