You Remember You

You Remember YouDo you? Who are you? Are you a wife, mother, sister? An artist, writer, painter? A doctor, lawyer, accountant? I guess if you’re lucky, you’re a well balanced bit of each? Well la-dee-dah, I bet no one can say they’re well balanced. We are all stressed out, we’re all in debt (if you aren’t, I don’t want to know), and we are all just trying not to kill that jerk who just cut us off.

Really buddy? I gave him the finger. Ripped it right off and threw it into his car.

I miss it, it was my favourite one.

Anyway, back to having balance, as a woman who regularly rips her fingers off and throws them at people in a fit of rage, I’m hardly one to give advice. However, I do know one thing, don’t let your creative side take a back seat to your family and professional side.

Don’t forget to be you. I’m sure you’re awesome. (And hopefully funny, as you know, laughter is the best medicine)


33 thoughts on “You Remember You

  1. Yup….. love this blog I do I do! I just finished practicing a bit of guitar and grabbed my phone and blam there she is blogging away about remembering your creative side and not getting lost. Thanks for the hilarious reminder of why I need ALL of my fingers….

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  2. You must not get angry much if you’re still able to type! :p
    I’m trying to balance my life more, but is tough. Creativity has to take the back seat when they usually can’t pay bills :/

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  3. Brilliant! I will never get the balance right and I don’t care! Currently I am laying on the floor in my sons room catching up on blogging while I wait for him to fall asleep, multitasking. I know this isn’t the “correct” way to get you my child to go to bed but I don’t care ha! Glad I found your blog, makes me giggle

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  4. Applying to Grad school, working full time as a nurse, and trying to start a blog and photography business, I am spending a LOT of time trying to figure out who I am! It does feel good to find out new things about myself, though!

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