2014 – Reflection

2014 – ReflectionWho’s done with 2014? That’s right, this girl. I don’t mean to be a negative Nellie, but truly, this year sucked.

500 bikers at a funeral.

A funeral for a child.

A funeral for a father.

In the news:

Robin Williams, Joan Rivers – dead.

Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi – rapists

Rob Ford – no words needed.

Nathan Cirillo – just what can I even say?

This is the first year of my life that I actually turned off the news. Between planes and ferries and motorcycles crashing, I’m unable to watch anymore. Deliberately leaving your baby in a hot car to die? Good grief. Enough.

Thank God for that “hot” criminal and that three boobed idiot. Just thank God for them.

Let’s make it a perfect and amazing 2015! We are all in this together, be kinder, be caring and most importantly, be funny.



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