An Experiment With My Insanity – Christmas Sucks

An Experiment With My Insanity - Christmas SucksOn the occasion, my sense of humour takes a vacation and I’m forced to take drastic measures to cheer up. This time of year is particularly hard because most people are stressed out and are short on humour themselves. What to do, what to do?

I can go kick my ex in the balls? Merry Christmas, Jackass?

I can go and pretend to steal people’s parking spaces?

I can go to people’s houses and redecorate their trees?

Looks like I’m getting beaten up for Christmas.

Oh goodie, an emergency room Doctor, haaaay.


14 thoughts on “An Experiment With My Insanity – Christmas Sucks

  1. Oh how I love your posts. I share your feelings on this topic of Christmas! Ugh! I personally loved going to redecorate trees at friends houses. Ha-ha! Too bad there wouldn’t be enough time to unwrap the gifts and re-wrap them inside out with the paper. What naughty things would you do if you were Elf on the Shelf?!

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