Fifteen Year Olds Are Stupid – A Love Story

Fifteen Year Olds Are Stupid โ€“ A Love StoryIf you’ve learned nothing from me so far (which you haven’t because my blog is hardly educational), at least learn this. Women are idiots. All it takes for a woman to fall in love is a book. As I recall, it was The Hobbit, silliness.

A fifteen year old looking into the most beautiful set of blue eyes, listening to a passionate man, she’s done. Done for, I say!!

A fifteen year old grows up, gets hurt and falls on her face. Eventually she turns into a forty six year old. A smarter, wiser and sometimes bitter forty six year old.

You know who is dumber than a fifteen year old?

You guessed it. Those eyes are as blue as ever. He is as passionate as ever. He is right down the street.

PS, It wasn’t even his book.


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  1. It’s true that we can’t seem to stop falling in love, but I’d rather love and lose than just lose. I FINALLY found a gem. (Still pinching myself and trying him though after 5 years of marriage.)
    Hey…if women are stupid – how much worse off are men? They date and marry us!

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