Drive Thrus – Why I Hate Them

Drive Thrus - Why I Hate ThemThere is just nothing I love more than wasting a tank of gas waiting for a coffee in a drive through line up.

“Can I have twenty bagels, with twenty different toppings and toasted twenty different ways please?”

There goes a quarter tank of gas.

“Can I have forty two Iced Cappuccinos because the people behind me have nothing better to do than wait?”

Another quarter tank of gas, gone.

“What kind of donuts do you have? I just like wasting people’s time.”

On empty.

Great, now I don’t have enough gas to get around the whole drive through. Thanks!!!

Perhaps the fella with the twenty bagels can push?


11 thoughts on “Drive Thrus – Why I Hate Them

  1. What irks me is they won’t allow you to use the drive-thru window when you’re walking your dog, even though you can neither take your dog in the store. *sigh* I guess they just don’t want my business.

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