Is It Rape, Or Is It Memorex? – Volume Two

Is It Rape Or Is It Memorex - Volume TwoI understand why women don’t call the police when they’ve been raped. They will be victimized all over again and likely no charges will ever be laid. I was given the chilling statistics today. It’s quite frightening.

“Out of 17000 reported rapes, 5,000 went to court, half got convictions. 14,000+ reported crimes went unpunished.”

Soo 2,500 men were arrested and convicted for rape. 2,500 men were taken off the street and never allowed to hurt anyone again.

Is it worth it?

I have taken a lot of heat about my stance regarding rape and rapists. A woman who isn’t willing to report a rape, is allowing countless other victims. Yes, it’s the rapist being the rapist, I get it, but if I can stop another woman from being hurt, it’s my duty to do so.

And why should I hold this to myself? What the f*ck did I do to deserve this? Nothing.

Why are women so afraid? Its not fair. We need a better system to protect us and give a forum for people who’ve actually been hurt.

It saddens me that women are out there knowing that so and so is a rapist and are too afraid to talk. Where is this effin guy and who is he going to hurt next? Don’t let him, you have the power.

You have the power. Please, for God sakes find it!!!


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  1. I don’t disagree with you and I admire your passion, but it is unfortunately not true that those 2500 who are convicted are “taken off the street and never allowed to hurt anyone again” (unless Canadian punishment for rape is dramatically different than here in the U.S.).

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  2. I think the important thing to remember is that the reporting of the crime is necessary, not to get a conviction this time, but that there is now a documented history to give credence to the next victim’s report, and so on, until the scumbag is eventually convicted.

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  3. Oh I wish it were that easy. I spent nearly 30 years as a Cop and was involved in far too many rape cases. The Police are now more sensitive in dealing with rape cases (at least in the UK), but it is still a terrible ordeal to go through the medical examinations, the cognitive interviews, the statement taking, waiting for the case to come to trial and eventually giving evidence in court.

    Every person who survives rape is different, some find the prosecution and (hopefully) conviction of the offender a cathartic experience. For others it is just too much, they just want to do everything they can to forget the ordeal, some never recover.

    It would be wonderful if everyone was strong enough to deal with the prosecution process but not everyone is. Yes finding the strength may well protect others but it doesn’t help to condemn those who do not. The only person responsible for rape attacks is the rapist. A survivor of a previous attack bears no responsibility EVER!

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