Is It Rape, Or Is It Memorex?

Is It Rape Or Is It MemorexKnow your safe word. Even if it’s “get off, get off, get off”. Going to be honest, not everyone knows when to “stop”. If you have shown an interest in certain behaviour then perhaps people don’t know what your limits are.

J. G. a rapist, an abuser of women, the worst of the worst??

Yet, they went to the media instead of the police. I’m raped. I’m crying, bruised and beaten. Am I calling news agencies or am I in the shower for twenty hours?

You tell me.

Edited to add: if a woman is raped and doesn’t go to the police, she is allowing the further rape of countless other women. Protect other women by calling the damned cops!!!!

As my mother used to say “come on, you’re stronger than that” (she was a bit of a bitch sometimes)