How to Recognize the Single Girls from the Married Ones

Guest Post From Elena, you can find Elena over at Living With Batman.

Yes we travel in packs. So how is that poor boy out on the prowl going to separate the available from the not short of getting close enough to look at ring fingers? That’s easy:

The Single Girls are the ones picking at a salad, no dressing, and black coffee for lunch exclaiming “I’m not really hungry”, while her married friends have the carbonara and dessert.

The Single Girls are the ones that only have to carry their hats and sunglasses when unloading the car for the day at the beach while the men carry all the rest of their stuff. The married women are expected to balance the cooler on their heads while carrying the chairs with their hands.

The Single Girls are on the dance floor, dancing, for Girls Night Out while their married friends are the watchers of the purses.

The Single Girls are not expected to kill her own spiders. Men become dragon slayers for them while the married women are to do their own dirty work.

The Single Girls are the ones that look absolutely gorgeous in the morning after a night of roughing it because they have brought all of their makeup, potions, lotions, hair dryer, straightener and curling iron. Married women are told there’s no room for that stuff in the car.

Of course there are always exceptions. She’s probably the gem of the bunch or…has a really big husband. Either way, do you feel lucky?


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