Get Momma’s Pryin Bar

There is a social experiment going around where a woman wore a “fat suit” to meet guys she met on Tinder.

Firstly, I didn’t watch it, I don’t believe people are that shallow.

Secondly, I would do just as well (meaning still alone every night) whether I wore the fat suit or not.

The saddest part about it is, this woman may have pushed away a really good guy because he didn’t like her lifestyle choice. No, he’s not shallow, is he? I don’t think so. I’m attracted to a certain “type” (dirty, unemployed, you know, the good stuff.) I can’t help who I’m attracted to, and neither can you.

I don’t like dreadlocks.
I don’t like neck tattoos.
I don’t like suits, boots or parachutes.

And you can’t make me.


3 thoughts on “Get Momma’s Pryin Bar

      • Well that’s ironic because all i have is the lids to mine, an entire cabinet full of just lids. And sadly I can’t even bring myself to throw them away. I’m worried that if i do the bowl will just materialize out of thin air some how. Even worse i know it will not but still I have to hope. Hope , the last refuge of the damned.
        I mean if i do what’s next when can i draw a line. Seriously do i get rid of the drawers of only left sock i have held onto for years waiting for all of the right ones to turn up? Where could they all be?


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