Tow Truck Drivers? Tell Me They Aren’t Sexy

I have always loved the tow truck driver. Think of it, you’re broken down on the side of a dark highway, a truck pulls up behind you, a big, strong and tough guy gets out just to rescue you. That’s some sexy stuff right there.

They are sensitive and kind people. They put themselves in danger on a daily basis, just to help people. Plus, they pull up to an accidents where people have died and tow those cars away. As an aside, can you please slow down or move over when you see them on the side of the road? I don’t like them getting ran over while they are helping people. It bugs me.

Go hug a tow truck driver, chances are that he’s all sweaty and delicious. See if you can slip my number in his pocket while you’re there.



9 thoughts on “Tow Truck Drivers? Tell Me They Aren’t Sexy

  1. Locked the keys in my running van once. Didn’t I have my Tool CD cranked…very cute tow truck guy shows up, notes I am a Tool fan and asks me to the concert he had tickets for.
    Ugh I wasn’t single so I po9litely declined….and the guy I was with never would have taken me to see Tool…
    Note to self-if they don’t like Tool run hahahaha 😉

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  2. Driving home in a blizzard during my college years, I hit some black ice and ended up in the ditch. This was before cell phone days (or at least, before my broke ass had one), I had no money, no credit card, nada. A kind tow truck driver pulled me out and sent me on my way with simply an address for me to mail a check, since I had no way to pay him at the time of my rescue. I too ❤ tow truck drivers for this reason, and more.

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